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Part Time Summer Jobs For Students

Norma Said:

Any other college students having trouble finding part time jobs this summer?

We Answered:

I know your pain. I was in your situation 2 times as bad a couple years ago. I went insane job searching during my first semester in college. I was applying everywhere supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, pet supply shops, convenient stores, department stores, mall shops, whatever you named it, I applied at.

You said you live in Michigan, so you know about our economy. Theres thousands out there job searching. Try Wal*Mart, they treat job applicants better than supermarkets and Petsmart does. Basically employers don't care who they hire esp. when it comes to Petsmart, supermarkets, and restaurants. It took someone 2 years to hire me, and I give any employer who rejected me the middle finger. If they can't give you a chance, they don't deserve respect from you. But they do have a right to reject job applicants unfortunetly.

Make sure you follow-up on your applications 4 days to a week later, if you don't get a reply. If they say they don't want to interview you because you don't have experience, ask them "how can I gain experience if no one will hire me?" See what they say. Just keep trying.

E-mail me back.

Allen Said:

Are there any summer/part time jobs for students (in pizza huts or places like that) in Mangalore, India?

We Answered:

I can help u in getting on line home based job. For this u need to be resident of India and proficient in ms word. This work is sponsored by govt of India so it is meant for residents of India only. In this job, u shall hv to convert pdf file into ms word doc. If u think u r eligible and can do the job. Click on my avatar and contact me thru email or yahoo messenger IMs. Make sure that u hv verified ur email and send ur email ID also to send d details

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