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Part Time Work For Students

Edna Said:

international students and part time work in malaysia?

We Answered:

I think no...
u can do any part time job..while shape your carirer and budget.

Mae Said:

Can international students work part-time in USA?

We Answered:

I think Kate is correct- the only jobs you can get with a student visa is college jobs on campus.
I do not think you are allowed to work off campus. Can't you ask when you get your student visa.
You can probably email admissions at the school and ask too.

depends on the job. My daughter's boyfriend make more than minimum wage working on campus at the tutoring center. Fast foods are going to start you at minimum wage

Nicholas Said:

What are some good study tips for college students who work part-time?

We Answered:

I used to work part time while going to college...and i used to be tired alot...I learned one thing...
if ur tired, dont resort to watching TV...if ur not studying..SLEEP.
Sleep when you can so you can focus in your studying.

Wade Said:

Can Indian students work as part time executives in USA and what payout can they expect?

We Answered:

no such thing as a "part-time executive"

loan officer is a full time position

any other part time job is going to pay part-time wages - probably no more than $10/hr in a bank, if ANY part time positions other than bank teller even exist (I doubt it) and that would not justify giving a job like that to someone from another country when there are so many unemployed American citizens

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