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Promotion Jobs For Students

Emily Said:

i m a BCA student. if ido MBA on HR from IGNOU,then can i get better job opportunities in my future??

We Answered:

Post your question in the Higher education section. Your question has nothing to do with Special education. Special education is for students with special needs (autism, mental retardation, deafness, etc).

Emily Said:

What are some entry level jobs for a Business Management degree?

We Answered:

With all your years in school taking business classes did anyone teach you about Free Enterprise... You learned how to get a job and run someone else's business but not your own...
The thing about working your way up the corporate ladder is one day you find out your ladder was leaning against the wrong building...

Brandy Said:

Why are physically attractive people given special treatment by society?

We Answered:

It is easier when your attractive most of the time but not all the time. I've heard some of my employers say that they like having attractive people around them because it makes them look good also. Plus attractive people attract people to them which makes things easier.

When it comes to dating they come to you , you don't have to go to them. So yes it helps a lot with dating also. The only people I run into that give you hard time about it is feminist and jealous people, but I can understand why most of the time and it doesn't bother me.

Being beautiful doesn't do it all, you still have to work. Plus you have to put up with people that puts you up on a pedestal in a sense and then looks up to you or down at you depending on how they feel about themselves. It's not always nice.

Some beautiful people are snobs and others aren't, the ones that aren't thinks everyone is beautiful and treats them as such.

Jacqueline Said:

Why do I have to learn Spanish to get a promotion or a job?? Job discrimination??

We Answered:

You revealed yourself to be a closed-minded person. The company was probably looking for someone who could work with Spanish-speaking clients. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to speak Spanish with them. Since you flat out refused to learn Spanish, your employer interpreted it as a sign that you are prejudiced against latinos (consciously or subconsciously). The tone of your post reveals this to be the case. It's not just about knowing how to speak a language as it is about being open minded about learning new things. That's the energy employers are looking for.

Change your attitude or things will get worse for you as you get older. Learning languages is fun. I doubt you speak passable French or have been to the francophonie. If you know French as you claim then Spanish is cake. All you have to do is get a textbook and watch Univision. Or just take a class at a community college. You have a sense of entitlement. You probably spent your college years earning a business degree because you thought it equals a good paying job. The real issue is that you are intellectually lazy.

Harold Said:

i want to know...its that true i won 250,000dollar?

We Answered:

no, lol. it's a scam. do not fall for it and most importantly - do not give out your information.

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