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School Summer Jobs

Tamara Said:

What are good summer/school year jobs for a 17/18 year old?

We Answered:

Val. a lot of jobs are open for ladies in the medical field in all of the entry level jobs. Our friend just hired a young lady to do office work and greeter at the front desk. 14.00 hour with medical training on the job added in. Any education she takes at school that helps her at work is covered too.

Marsha Said:

After School/Summer Jobs for 16 year old girl?

We Answered:

ymca they are looking for a bunch of people to wok with kids

Roland Said:

What r some good high school summer jobs?

We Answered:

You should check a newspaper in your area and see if they have any summer jobs available.You can also go on a site like craigs list .Also check at your school or other schools and see if they offer summer jobs.Back when I was 16 ,I work at an elementary school helping out the teachers and janitors with all kinds of things.It was fun.

David Said:

As a high school senior, what summer jobs should I look at?

We Answered:

target, waiter at local resteraunt, work at concession at movie theatre

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