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Seasonal Employment Opportunities

Matthew Said:

Is this a breach of employment contract?

We Answered:

I suspect that you do not have a case.

Recruitment companies work in two ways. One way is that they employ staff who they send out to work for their clients. This is the traditional temp agency. The second way is that they recruit permanent staff for clients, who then pay them a commission.

It appears that your son was being recruited using the first method, as a worker employed directly by the recruitment company. In these circumstances it is normal that the contract only offers paid work when it is available. As such, if no work is available then there is no obligation on them to offer any.

The company may have recruited too many staff, or lost the contract, or the hotel has reduced its requirement. They have ****** up but don't have the guts to admit it. This is typical of recruitment companies, where the staff don't care about anything except their own targets and bonuses. The advisor doesn't want to waste her time explaining the problem to your son because she's busy trying to make money from someone else to pay for her Porche.

Unfortunately none of this is sufficient to give you any redress against them.

Herman Said:

how do I sort out my Life?

We Answered:

That sounds like a really unhealthy cycle. Maybe there is an underlying cause to your depression that you need to deal with?

If there is, try to sort it out. Get a simple job, don't take on too many hours and figure out how to resolve whatever it is that is causing you to be severely depressed. I know working at places like walmart is a huge turn off because of the lack of respect that some people associate it with, as well as the lack of challenge it might present, but any job is better than no job. Working there can have its perks too, what with the discounts it might offer and the fact that you will be employed and thus feel better about yourself in the process.

I'm not saying you should look for employment there, if it is going to make you miserable, but i am advising you not to automatically reject even the idea..

Once you have worked for a good 6 months to year, resolved your issues (if possible) and saved up some money look into alternative pathways to colleges through your own research. You shouldn't be depressed about it because really gaining control over your life is exciting and should be a fun experience.

I know you have mentioned the lack of employment opportunity but there are ALWAYS places jobs are available. And yes, they're not always pleasant but if you have a bad job history don't expect to find employment in a field that interests you. Employers will always favor people they can rely on, and those are the people who work somewhere for a long time as that shows commitment.

You're not the only one who has no idea what they want out of life, but you can be one of the few people out there who takes control and finds out. Probably not what you want to hear, but only YOU can truly make the decisions that will lead to a better future for you.

Good luck.

Roberto Said:

Could I be offered another position?

We Answered:

It's a way to get your foot in the door! This doesn't mean they will hire you at all. They likely sent the same email to many more people who want a job. If you're not interested, move on and wait for the job offer you desire.

Martin Said:

need help world geography homework....?

We Answered:

Do you really think you are gaining something when anonymous strangers on Yahoo Answers answer your homework questions for you? Don't you think you would gain more by making an attempt to answer the questions yourself??

Kathy Said:

Economics defination.?

We Answered:

Undeveloped assertions would not be an economics term but an expectation as to the depth of the answer provided. It sounds like arguments (assertions) provided in the answer that are not backed up with reasoning (undeveloped) will get fewer points, even if the assertions are correct.

Natalie Said:

With the U.S. un-employment being so high, why are people needing to push for....?

We Answered:

LOL! the truth hurts, and the truth is that they don't want those jobs, and this article is really heating up the anti's today. it's too funny!

Keep up the good work tony.

Joseph Said:

The Grinch that Stole Christmas?

We Answered:

I believe most people celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. It's the media and the retailers that bombard us with commercials & sales & the buy mantra that sours us so. Dont count on it being quiet this year. The marketers will resort to more pressure than ever. But people...people will be more in the spirit, I think. Bad times always makes them closer. Look for more people out, more reindeer horns on heads, more caroling, more friendliness....they just wont be spending money.

Which is a good thing.

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