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Seasonal Jobs For College Students

Dwight Said:

where to find a winter/ seasonal/ temp job for the winter break for college student?

We Answered:

Too late. The Xmas season was poor, and January is always slower. You might get lucky and replace another temp, though.

Lloyd Said:

Seasonal Gigs?

We Answered:

ups hires seasonal for the holiday season and they start out around 9 maybe 10 and hour no commission but plenty of benefits.

i personally work for fedex they'll be hiring for the holiday season too and starts out with $12/hr but its not seasonal when they hire you they expect you to stay. also no commission but we get a discount almost anywhere: olive garden, on the border, chilis, ihop etc...20% off, cell phone service 25% off, buying a new car 10-20%off, we use to get up to a 70% off jewelry at zales, puttputt 20%off, you name it we probably get a discount

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