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Seasonal Jobs Uk

Caroline Said:

Where do i look for Christmas seasonal jobs in the UK?

We Answered:

Most shops will be taking on staff at that time of year, so the easiest way is probably to walk up and down the main street of the town or city you want to work. I remember getting a leaflet through the door about seasonal work at Royal Mail sorting post.

Jonathan Said:

Jobs Abroad Help....?

We Answered:

moved to Spain a year and a bit ago . I only had gcse's which didnt count for **** all here. But I still found work. It just depends what you want to do. Most the towns are full of english so speaking spanish is not a problem I have worked in the following towns they dont care if you dont speak Spanish : Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Puerta Banus, Duquesa, La Linea, Gibralter.
Heres a list of a few things I know you could do.

1. Barwork - 40 euros a night (most bars) plus tips.Normal hours 8/9pm-3/5am
2. P.R work ( getting people into clubs) - 10 euros basic plus euro for every person you get into a bar. Normal hours : 8/9pm - 3/5am
3. Waitressing - around 5 euros per hour. Normal hours : midday - 5 then 6 till closing this can be 11pm -1am depending on restaurant ( plus tips)
4. Telesales/Telemarketing - Calling people up all day (Some places have a basic wage of 100 a week some dont .. plus commision) Normal hours are either 11am- 4pm or 4pm - 9pm
5. Babysitting - depends
6. Cleaning work
7. Working in english shops ( most other shops do require basic spanish)

You can find work in the Sur newspaper:

Also its quite easy to move here, once your here you need to get an NIE - Equilvalent to our national insurance number. This is quite simple to get and it means you have more options to get work and also means you can find a job with a contract.
You can apply for residency (residencia) as well but this is not that important.…

I Know also that playaway - is a company where u can work and have a hoilday at the same time. Most my friends work there and it comes with free living accomodation for at least one month.

If Spain isnt for you. There is alot of crew ships here that ask for crews . Your job will be cleaning the ship, helping out below decks, waitressing making rooms all the kinds of jobs that hotel ppl do. They take you with them on their trip pay you. Then leave you at the destination then you find another ship do the same thing. This way you can travel the world and get paid for it. PLUS as your on a boat most of the year you save a hell of alot of money cos u dnt need to pay for anything. So at the end of the year you have made a small fortune. If you get bored and want to go home find a boat heading there and ask to help. Or corrier service go home and get paid for it .

I hope I've helped if you need any more advice or help jst give me a message.

Steven Said:

Disney Jobs, Applying from the UK?

We Answered:

The linked site has a lot of information on where and how to apply, what life is like for international workers, the interview, etc including local UK contacts.

Jon Said:

I'm a uk citizen living in glasgow. I'm a student in full time education. Should i be paying tax????

We Answered:

There's a popular misconception that students are automatically tax except. This isn't necessarily true but, looking at your explanation, I reckon that there ought to be a way to avoid paying tax each time your paid. Ask your employer for a P38 (S). This is a small form where you declare that you are a student who works in 'only holiday periods' and earns below £5,225 per year. This should prompt the employer to apply an appropriate tax code that prevents tax being deducted. Here's a PDF of the form and some gumph from The Inland Revenue site to explain further:

When you leave the job make sure you don't lose the P45 that the current employer is required to give you. At the end of the current tax year (6th April '08) call your local tax office and inquire about the possibility of recouping any tax back that you've paid over the year. They'll use the info in the P45 (of which they too should have received a copy) to make a decision and then a cheque should be on its way.

Jim Said:

What lengths would you take to get a job?

We Answered:

If it was a job that coincided with my Hobbies then all the way

However if it was a Menial Task i am not so sure

As for the Immigrants Good luck to them I can go to Poland If i want

I don't

Cool hal I agree of sending Every Claimant Across the Road Before they Get Dole I think they used to do that it is too easy to Sign on and Forget about it for Two weeks

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