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Seasonal Part Time Jobs

Diana Said:

Is it illegal for you to have a seasonal part time job & be off a whole week w/out a request?

We Answered:

Legal. They will schedule you when they need you

Theresa Said:

Can you work a seasonal part time job and collect unemployment in AL, if is less than half of unemployment ck?

We Answered:

You may work part time and file a claim for unemployment only if you report the amount that you work when you file the claim and report the amount that you earned when you file the claim. You are not allowed to file a claim without reporting both of these things on the claim. If you do not report both of these, then you must not file the claim at all.

If you do file a claim and report both the amount that you worked and the amount that you earned, then the state, not you, will determine how much, if anything, you are eligible to collect.

Anthony Said:

What is the difference between full time, part time, and seasonal jobs?

We Answered:

Full time is usually at least 40 hours a week
Part time is usually less than 40 hours a week
Seasonal is just what it says,seasonal,as during Christmas shopping season,or as in the summer months for life guards,or vegetable and produce markets,etc...

Clara Said:

If I take a seasonal part time job delivering things with my own truck/trailer, do I need commercial insurance?

We Answered:

Yes legally you do if you don't and have an accident not only will you not be reimbursed for damages you may be charged with insurance fraud.

Joe Said:

Are job interviews for seasonal part time hirings the same as interviews for part time or full time jobs?

We Answered:

Always treat every interview the same, gets you in good stead.

Suit, smart appearance, enthusiastic, look keen.

Frances Said:

Can I still receive unemployment benefits in California after working part-time seasonal job?

We Answered:

You should be able to receive benefits - with a refiling or whatever your state requires...

Allan Said:

im 18 and a gettin a seasonal part time job, will that mess up or interfere with my parents tax return?

We Answered:

That's like tax-o-phobia. When you are under 18, I can understand losing family tax benefits etc. Since you're 18, it wouldn`t do any harm. Check out the link below:

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