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Seasonal Work Uk

Amanda Said:

should i work in france need help?

We Answered:

I think you should go for it. Learn enough of the language to get by and get over there. You only live once!

As long as you have no responsibilities over here, that you'd be neglecting, I think it'd be quite beneficial experience. To spend time in a different culture, you'll pick up lots of the language. If you don't go, it may end up being something you regret not doing.

Georgia Said:

Working abroad in the UK?

We Answered:

If you have an EEC passport and it is important that you do, then you can apply for work in the UK but if you enter the country on an American passport then you can not. An employer can be heavily fined if they employ you with out the right paperwork and it is their responsibility to see that it is all in order.

There are very few jobs available and for the most part the local students are all desperate to get what they can.

Pubs are closing down daily for the lack of trade as the depression has hit hospitality hard.

As for deciding what to apply for, it is not a matter of what you want but frankly, what you can get 00

Katherine Said:

can a uk citizen start a business in australia?

We Answered:

Look at the Australian Immigration website, they will have all the detailed requirements. You can also contact the Australian High Commission in the UK, they can explain all the requirements for free!

Frances Said:

Expiry of fixed term contracts?

We Answered:

You don't have a right to stay if your contract has expired.
You are not entitled to any redundancy payment.

If the company wanted to get rid of you prior to the contract end date then it would be detailed in
the contract what payments, if any, and what notice they would have to give.

The company is perfectly within its rights to look for someone internally to cover your job and let you go after your contract ends.

Basically, unless you can persuade your bosses boss to keep you on then you are stuffed.

Ruben Said:

Poland - what work could I get there?

We Answered:
Hi, the link above will probably be of help.
It has a jobs section and all sorts of advice on health care, property, cost of living and many other handy things.
I am an English man living in Poland with my Polish wife.
Teaching English is one of the easiest jobs to find. If you look through the forums on the expat site you will find the best places to find work as an English teacher and even how much the pay is. You would need to have a TEFL certificate if you wanted to teach in schools.
We went down the self employment route, bought an old run down farm and turned it into a holiday rental place.

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