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Sheffield Student Jobs

Jackie Said:

Where are my job options as a newly qualified UK nurse?? Am I left with working abroad? Where will take me?

We Answered:

First, make sure you graduate. Then make sure you are board registered with the UK Nursing Board. As a RN, you can try looking for RN positions in the UK, if you desire to stay in the UK. (By the way, it's hard to believe it's difficult to find a job for a RN anywhere especially in the UK. I'm a registered physiotherapist and there are plenty of job opportunities in the UK).

Back on track, for the US, you will need to contact the Commission for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools ( You have to apply through this organization to have your UK nursing credential evaluated and get approval to take the nursing certification and licensure exam (NCLEX). Once you passed, you can apply to any state in the USA for your RN license and you'll be on your way. You will definitely find the job you want in what ever discipline you want. The pay for RNs in the USA is great. Definitely more than US$25 per hour in rural areas, and up to US$40 per hour in cities depending on your specialty and additional qualifications.

Similarly, for Aussie and NZ, you'll need to apply to their respective Nursing Registration Boards. Process is quite similar to the US one.

For middle eastern countries, once you are a registered nurse in the UK, you are qualified to work.

Ivan Said:

How should two girls start planning their move to London or Sheffield? (Finding an apt, job, going to uni,etc)?

We Answered:

UCAS is the site where you will find out about the Universities you are interested in. The people there will also help with all the other points that you have raised. This is the link to the Non UK students section of their website...…

As a non UK student you will only be allowed to work for a maximum of twenty hours during term time.

This is the "Studying in the UK" section of our Border Agency website...…

Bill Said:

Help - Doubts about University degree choice?

We Answered:

I'll tell you what, one of the most motivational speeches I have ever heard was from CEO of Apple and Pixar Animation, Steve Jobs. Just watch the whole video because its great and might help you out. Its all about following your dreams, to achieve happiness.…

Craig Said:

Which fashion retail companies such as New Look and Topshop do hire students?

We Answered:

yeah, they all will as long as you come across in the right way. good luck!

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