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Snag A Job

Patsy Said:

do sites like monster and snag a job stay current?

We Answered: is the best because they scans the internet from most popular job sites. Craigslist is good as well.

It's really not the website, but "legit" staffing agencies and companies. They often post jobs that don't exist or not available at the moment. They just want to get their name out there. Even at job fairs, legit companies go there. Ask them if they got openings, and they say no, but looking for future possibble hires.

Shannon Said:

how do i edit a phone number on a snag a job application?

We Answered:

I use Microsoft Word for my edits

Raymond Said:

How can i snag a job without any work experience?

We Answered:

Sure - volunteer your time for a local charity.

Sometimes, there's no real choice in what you do, so just make sure that you do it regularly & punctually & on the agreement (before you start) of what you'll do and for how long & that they'll provide a letter of recommendation afterwards (as long as you do a good job).

If you have a choice, pick a job that's as close to the jobs that you're looking to do as possible... so that the only thing that you don't have experience of is getting paid for the work.

Whatever you do, don't volunteer for more than 2 days a week, or for more than 3 months. Why?
Because by that time, they should know what you're good at & how helpful and punctual you are... and hire you to work for the charity if you're good enough.

Also, I'm not sure how you're filling out the applications, but one really important thing to remember when filling out applications is that you have to figure out how you're going to help them to do their work easier, faster, better, cheaper. If you have no work experience, then this takes a bit of imagination. If you do have work experience, then you can use examples from that work experience.

One thing to remember too when you're volunteering - if possible, it'd be best if you could find something to do even a little bit better, faster, cheaper, more efficiently while you're there -- so that when you get to doing your next application, you can mention how they're better off for having you volunteer there.

Also, even though you're not getting paid, try to treat it like you would a job - go along when you agree to, be at least 10 mins early, hang around a bit afterwards just being nice to everyone, and always be nice and friendly and on your best behavior -- it'll be good practice for your real job, and if you're very impressive, then you'll get a very good letter of reference -- which will help a lot in getting your next job.

One other thought - you said that you graduated early - so presumably you're pretty smart. Are you going to college? If not college, perhaps community college? If so, you might go to the college (if it's local) and ask the college to help you get a job. They usually have career counsellors, and sometimes, the professors have summer aide jobs too.

If not that, then one last thought: most often, all around the world, and for all of time, people give people jobs. I know that sounds kinda funny, but what I'm saying is this: if your application is just like everyone else's application, then no one is going to give a generic application a job... they're looking for a *person* who really wants the job. That's why most of the jobs (in the whole world) aren't even advertised - they go to friends, friends of friends, colleagues, daughters of colleagues... just anyone that anyone knows. You're much better off making a resume and taking it around to everyone in the area & asking for a job.. then you ever would be if you just stayed at home and answered ads off the internet all day. Heck, make it even more fun & get yourself a facebook & a twitter account & tweet about your journey for finding a job (don't forget to check tweeted jobs while you're there!) -- so basically, over the next two weeks, make sure that absolutely everyone you know & all the people they know & everyone that anyone encounters.. knows that you're looking for a job.

And whatever you do, don't forget that getting a job is a full time occupation... which should be taking at least 40 hours of work a week until you get one... and that it really is best to do in a focussed time period, rather than over a longer period of time. If you honestly have spent the last two weeks when you've worked at least 80 hours in total trying to find a job, then by all means, volunteer. If you haven't, though, turn off the TV & radio & practice working 9-5 M-F -- cuz when you get a job, you'll have to do it anyway, so the more experience you have now, the better.

It may sound simple, but it's a lot harder than it sounds. Try it!

And good luck!!

Gilbert Said:

Does SNAG A JOB really work and send your applications to the store managers?

We Answered:

I understand how you feel... I first thought that my friend had suggested to use a scam website when I first started looking for my summer job. I applied to a few places and didnt hear anything back like you, and I got kinda worried. But I think you have to keep in mind that you need to follow up with the companies you apply to, I did and I got hired at Target as a team member. Since then I have told some of my sorority sisters about and they have all gotten jobs too! It is a great tool to use when starting your summer job search... you should totally give it another chance.

Willie Said:

Are the positions on Snag a Job really available?

We Answered:

Yes, the jobs are real, and in fact sometimes companies do NOT post job openings on their own personal website, but instead contract that out to an 'employment company'. These smaller businesses get paid 'finders fees' for posting job openings, collecting applications, and screening possible employees before forwarding potential "good" people to the actual hiring company. This can save the bigger company money and time! So apply for the job if it interests you, do it thru the Snag a Job website, and you just might find that you are forwarded to an 'employment company'. Good luck on your job search.

Andrea Said:

Has Snag a Job actually gotten anyone a job, im interested in knowing?

We Answered:

Yes. Last year my son got a job at Six Flags White water in marietta, ga.
Good Luck!

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