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Student Affairs Jobs

Eugene Said:

Can anyone tell me what you can do with a masters in student affairs?

We Answered:

you could work in an admissions office for a college. or maybe in the school administration or as a guidance counselor. Seems like a lot of Principals these days are getting their Doctrates but you could probably be something like Dean of Students or an Assistant Prince-a-PAL.

Cathy Said:

can anyone tell me about student affairs graduate school and job? ?

We Answered:

I have a master's degree in Student Personnel Services from the University of South Carolina. I spent 7 years in Residence Life and have spent 5 years in first year programs/academic affairs. An MA or M.Ed in this field can lead to a variety of positions in student affairs or academic affairs depending on where you do your assistantships/internships/practicum experiences while in graduate school. MANY of the entry level jobs are in residence life, so if you are interested in entering the field because you love your RA job, res life might just be a good fit for you. One of the challenges of the field right now is that there are a lot of entry level jobs out there, but getting into the upper level jobs is a little tougher, because people tend to stay in those jobs longer. The entry level jobs tend to be 2-3 year commitments becuase they are very hands on, require a lot of outside office hours work, and therefore folks get a little tired with the constant (and time consuming) demands. I will say this: I love this field. I love working with college students and every day is different. I made sure in grad school that although my assistantship was in res life (and I though I would always be in res life), I concentrated my practicum experiences in one field so that if I ever changed my mind, I'd have significant experience to draw on. In my case, I worked in first year halls, did two practicum experiences with first-year programs, and taught a first-year experience course, so I set myself up for success wiht first year programs when the constant calls and late night hours of res life got old (once I got married and had a child.) For some good information on the field, talk to your Hall Director, or do some informational interviews with some student affairs professionals at your undergrad institution. You can also check out websites like , , and , and . There are LOTS of good graduate programs out there! Do some good research and make sure you attend a school that will pay you to get the degree in exchange for your services in an assistantship, and be sure to attend a program that will offer you a quality paraprofessional experience as a Graduate Assistant. Best of luck to you! It's an amazingly rewarding profession.

Peggy Said:

Where should I go to grad school for Student Affairs?

We Answered:

Graduate schools for student affairs will be found below.

Roy Said:

Is a Graduate degree in Student affairs worth the time?

We Answered:

I suppose it's good if you are content with working in an admissions office type of setting at a university. I can't see the degree helping you as far as relevance with any other type of career. An MBA will be more of a generalist degree so you will have more options overall. But again, if you're aiming for admissions work then take the direct route.

Beth Said:

will earning 2 masters degrees make me more valuable for a career in student affairs/higher education?

We Answered:

Your current degree is enough to secure an entry level job in student affairs...what you need now is to develop your sales pitch (selling yourself in a particular position).

Think of your masters degree as an entry ticket to the train station. You can get on whatever train you want, but you'll still need to convince the conductor that you're going somewhere. They're not going to kick you out of the station, but it might take some convincing to get them to let you on their train....

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