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Student Casual Jobs

Victoria Said:

Casual/part time job for a University student?

We Answered:

You've got some really interesting life experience and you are obviously a clever guy. I too am a part time philosophy undergraduate but I also have some experience in IT. I do p/t work, I try to find the most interesting possible. I also write for online magazines as a freelance.

You could do this for marketing companies if being a copy writer interests you or just get you experiences, interests and views out there for people to read. It's a good way of building skills and supplementing your income. Read this article for more advice.

Rosemary Said:

All u ppl with casual jobs?

We Answered:

It would be important to say you are a university student. It shows commitment and reliability. You should start with the library and school cafeteria jobs, try gas stations and small convenience stores.

Priscilla Said:

What do you think the average Australian university student would earn from a casual job per week?

We Answered:

casual rates here are good.
around 20 bucks an hour.
work out how many hours you can work, then you'll know your earning potential.

Jenny Said:

Is it possible for a high school student to get a casual job in Perth recording studios?

We Answered:

If you're a student your problems can be many and varied, from Deciding on your career path to finding a part time job. The website in the box below has loads of instruction for students, and they have stuff to do with job seeking too.

Jim Said:

casual jobs??? how to join an agency?

We Answered:

Look in the phone book under "Employment Agencies--Temporary." Start calling numbers to schedule appointments.

Plan on an appointment lasting 1-2 hours. During the appointment, a recruiter will interview you to determine what you're looking for, and may ask you to take one or more skill tests, e.g., typing, basic math skills, proofreading. If you are under 18, you'll need the permission of a parent or guardian before you're allowed to register.

Once you have registered, you should call in every week to let your recruiter know you're available for work.

Good luck!

Perry Said:

advice on moving out of home as a student?

We Answered:

If you aren't looking for anywhere fancy, it's easy to find a nice cheap apartment. I only pay $350 a month for my little studio apartment because I don't need much space. It's only me! is like college student heaven. They have job postings and apartments for rent and so on and so forth.

Again, if it is just you, groceries are easy. I only spend about $20 a week at the most.

Look for apartments that include utilities so you don't have to deal with all that.

I just turned 18 and have been living on my own for a few months and it really isn't too hard. Just be smart about your money and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Good luck. :)

Tara Said:

What is the average university students pay from a casual job in Melbourne?

We Answered:

A casual unskilled job should pay around $18 an hour. However if you are under 21 this will be a bit less as you will be on junior wages. The hours that university students work vary dramatically depending on type of job and financial situation, but most people work 2-3 days a week, probably 15-20 hours.

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