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Student Engineering Jobs

Darryl Said:

High salary for A student (Engineering) JOBS JOBS JOBS?

We Answered:

If you are interested in physics and math, I would say mechanical or aeronautical engineering, money wise, computer engineering or computer science, maybe business management for the big money, if you are also good in english / law. My suggestion would be to get into a general engineering program and see what you like, the first two years will be mostly core classes, maybe take a few computer courses, business courses, whatever you want.

Angela Said:

Any part time jobs for an engineering student , 20/male in delhi/NCR?

We Answered:

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Casey Said:

what all jobs can a computer science and engineering student do?

We Answered:

There are various types of job roles that a computer science engineers do. A Computer science graduate will work as Software engineer/ developer or test/quality assurance engineer or IT Consultant or can also work as a lecturer after doing b.ed or m.ed in colleges or can work in research department also on computer science tools and subjects.

Kathy Said:

Why do people offer Entry-Level Engineering jobs to students and then pay their tuition?

We Answered:

Having been an employer of engineers my response maybe helpful to you.

Sometimes it is difficult to attract the best talent in any field, in order to be competitive a company may try to recruit bright students before graduation thereby "beating" the competition to the best talent.

However, it is too early to really tell who is the best talent, its very subjective.

Not all students or interms get permenent jobs, hiring students also allow a company to "test drive" the employee before making a full committment to that person.

It works both ways. A potential engineer while he/she may initially be really excited about engineering, he/she may wish to change facilty after internship. A student position would allow the student to "test drive" the industry as well.

Joy Said:

Part time jobs for mechanical engineering student?

We Answered:

Honestly, I'm not sure of a lot that really works well for part-time in engineering unless you have connections where only being available a few hours a week works well. Most of the relevant work experience tends to be summer/co-op as far as I know. . . it just takes a lot of time per week to really be much help with actual engineering work, and you don't often have that with all your coursework.

With that said, I'd like to add undergrad research to your list of candidates. Keep your ears open if any professors are looking for help, or maybe even ask around if any of them are easy enough to talk to. In my lab, we've usually got at least 2-3 undergrads running around doing odd jobs for us grad students and mini-projects that feed into our research. It doesn't pay insanely well (usually around $7-8/hr with a 10 hr/wk cap per university rules, but that depends on the professor) and it's not very glorious (sometimes it's just what the grad students find too tedious to do -- and we do lots of grunt work!), but it looks cool on a resume. Or it's excellent if you're considering grad school and want to get your foot in the door or a good recommendation letter.

Jennifer Said:

Industrial engineering jobs in india for masters student with six sigma green belt and 1 year engg experience?

We Answered:

You can start applying to companies looking for fresh engineering graduates.

Nathan Said:

Is there scope for job opportunity for chemical engineering student?

We Answered:

I take exception to "Crazy Dude". A chem engineer can do bio tech, plus mechanical, process, controls, food, agricultural, and others. Chem E is probably the most versatile, plus they have the understanding of the basic chemical (organic, inorganic, and physical) processes and systems that are at the base of many operations and processes. Many companies try to hire Chem Es exclusively (but there aren't enough available, so the they also hire MEs and EEs).

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