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Student Government Jobs

Ramon Said:

Government not doing anything about jobs being outsourced and about student loans?

We Answered:

I hear ya, but there's not much we can do to change this.

That might help you if you're in need of money for school.

Regina Said:

Does having a government job help with paying student loans?

We Answered:

Sorry no, not to pay off your or help with your loans. You are thinking of a person who serves 20 years in the Military, get a pension from the Gov't.

Diane Said:

what are some government jobs a college student with little experience can look into.?

We Answered:

Interestingly enough, mailman or spy are legit answers.

The post office is the largest bureaucracy in the country, and the CIA is constantly hiring.

Other than that, however, without experience or an advanced degree, you probably won't get anything. I have a Master's degree and about 10 years of experience and I can't find a job because of government hiring freezes.

Byron Said:

i m an final yr IT engineering student,is there any jobs for IT engineers in government sectors?

We Answered:

y u want to go in govt sectors. were as lots of companey waiting for u. who is going for govt job now a days.

Gregory Said:

How many jobs will be lost by the government take over of student loans?

We Answered:


William Said:

A BCA Student can Go For Which Government(India) Jobs.?

We Answered:

there are lot of opportunities for jobs in Government sector and PSU's for freshers and also for experienced candidates, which will be listed in this site regularly..

hope that will suit for your qualification..

Marsha Said:

Do they know what agency will head up the student loans and how many government jobs that will create?

We Answered:

That would be the department of Education.

This maneuvering ploy by the dems will create at least twice as many government jobs then what was needed in the private sector. Governmental bureaucracies are just horrible in regards to being efficient, this is a very bad move for the people.

I think the dems are attempting to take over more and more of the private sector in a very real way. The government already had control from the angle of mandates and regulations. This shift of administrative duties is just one more drop added to the bucket of dems pulling in everything they can into the bureaucratic fold. They have a devious plan, don't know what it is yet. Bad move for America.

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