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Student Holiday Jobs

Brenda Said:

holiday jobs for a college student?

We Answered:

Contact your local temp agency (e.g., Kelly, Manpower, etc.). They'll probably find work for you in an office setting or other, even if it is for just a week. Not as interesting as working in store, but certainly less stress and it will probably pay a little better. Also, try the postal companies (e.g. Post Office, FedEx, etc.). They usually need temporary holiday.

Tommy Said:

What is a great holiday job for a college student?

We Answered:

do overnight stocking..nobody wants those jobs and they pay decent

Nathaniel Said:

Did Prince Edward have any holiday jobs whilst a student?

We Answered:

Yes indeed. He worked one summer as a fudge packer at Cadburys and during the other holidays worked behind the bar at the Chutney Ferret pub in Windsor.

Angel Said:

Would it be risky to just arrive in Oslo as an english speaker and find a holiday student job?

We Answered:

It would be risky, especially if you don't have contacts or someone to stay with. Norway is really expensive and your savings will run out quickly if you can't find work.

My boyfriend (Scottish) and I (American) moved to Norway last year, without knowing anyone or having jobs. However, I speak fluent Swedish and he spoke basic Norwegian. I wrote his CV in Norwegian for him, and he got a job at a restaurant within a week.. but he could answer questions in Norwegian enough to satisfy their language requirement (understanding instructions, words related to the job). I've seen many other students and travellers come in there, and be turned away because they spoke no Norwegian at all. We also camped until we both found jobs, to save money, which is really the only way we managed to make it work.

You won't find a job dealing with customers if you only speak English. Very few restaurants will hire cooks without Norwegian. If they do, it's because that person knows someone that works there. Cleaning jobs are possible, but many still specify that you need Norwegian. You could try an international nursery (barnehage).

You also may have better luck if you try another city in Norway, unless there's a specific reason for Oslo. There are lots of English-speaking immigrants there already looking for work, but the populations are much smaller in other cities.

Beth Said:

university student seeking temporary holiday job anywhere in the world from May-August 2006.where do start?

We Answered:

as a student it's easy to find a job.
If you're from the US then it's even better.

Try Australia or New Zealand: these countries offer working holiday schemes. just apply for a visa - go there and start looking for a job.
Don't rely on any organisations which will offer you handling the paperwork you can do it on your own and save a lot.

good luck!

Arnold Said:

where can i get information about student holiday jobs anywhere in the world from May-August 2006?

We Answered:

Look in the newspapers. Usually they have jobs in the classified center. If you find any you dont like search in the yahoo jobs. Wish you luck.

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