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Student It Jobs

Morris Said:

Student jobs? Hard to get or not?

We Answered:

It depends. If you're on Work-Study as a part of financial aid, it's usually pretty easy to get a job on campus. But if you're not, you have to hunt around off-campus to get a job (unless you go to a larger college that has a bunch of licensed stores).

Lawrence Said:

no student jobs??????!!!?

We Answered:

You wouldn't be able to get a proper job as such while you're studying because your study times will change and you need a job to be flexible.

Students generally get bar work, shop work or care work where you can be fiarly flexible.

While I was at uni I managed my last 2 years just on my student loans and working during the holidays so that worked for me. I liked to be able to choose when I did my assignments and have time off without worrying about going to work later or tomorrow. I did care work for my first year and it was perfect, relevant to my course ish, and I worked flexi so I could pick up left over shifts and would be called if a shift needed covering. And unlike shop work or bar work, you are garenteed 7 hour shifts rather than perhaps 4 hours everyday like my friend who worked in Clare's shop.

I'd suggest you try it at the beginning of your course and see how you go, you will have less time comsuming assignments at the beginning as so may have the time to work and relax with your studies. But make sure you find some sort of work for your holidays perhaps that works out as full time to keep you finances in check.

Micheal Said:

Student jobs in Sweden?

We Answered:

Yes. The reason they ask you to provide funds before getting a student visa is because it can't be assumed you'll get work when you arrive. Always assume you won't be able to find work. Because of unemployment, language issues, and the financial crisis getting a job in Sweden will be extremely difficult. You can try, but don't count on it.

Ruth Said:

What are some student jobs that pay around $15/hour?

We Answered:

there are no student jobs that pay that much unless ur babysitting for rich ppl

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