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Student Job Agency

Harvey Said:

If a student having age 18 + want to do part time job permit in any shop or estate agency. Does he allowes for

We Answered:


Marsha Said:

i have an existing student loan. i lost my job almost a year ago now im gonna start with the agency.?

We Answered:

You cannot stop the garnishment if it's already in effect. They can garnish up to 25% of your paycheck, plus, they can collect any future tax refunds until your loan is paid off. You can look into the income-based repayment plan (you'll pay for 20 years, instead of 10); however, this is based on your income, your household size, etc. - but again, if you've already defaulted on your loans, then you're pretty much SOL. Sorry.

Jared Said:

Is working for a Temporary Job Agency right for me?

We Answered:

I have worked for temp agencies during my days in college. It can work out for you so long as you let your recruiter know that you are in school full time and are only looking to help with the costs of your education. You can request part time jobs, on specific days, or perhaps take on on call positions (ie when a company is busy esp during month end close, etc).

Good luck!

Sue Said:

Discouraged on the job hunting front. Should I just work for a temp agency until I find something better?

We Answered:

The larger your city, the more jobs there are. You seem to be a good track with financial institutions as they don't pay a lot and typically expereince fairly high turnover. On a good notem, they also like to promote from within.

I suggest you look for banks, credit unions and savings & loans within your area and apply in person. From my perspective, working at a financial institution would be a positive aspect on a resume.

Cathy Said:

Australia Government Tax Enquire? I am an international student having a house keeping job.?

We Answered:

Yes you do need to declare this income, and any other income you receive. When it is time to lodge your tax return from 1 July onward, you will need to complete a statutory declaration saying how much you have paid, and that there has not been any tax taken from your payment. To do this you will need to keep a record of the amount of the payments you receive from your employer.

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