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Melissa Said:

How do real people find creative but serious jobs?

We Answered:

I think you are doing the right things by getting great grades, having a goal in mind and even by registering online. Just an FYI another great social networking site is linkedin, if you have not heard of it.

What does serious job hunting really consist of? You nailed it by knowing what positions you are looking for. That is huge! You have no idea how lucky you are that you have narrowed down your options.

How do serious job hunters end up finding out many job opportunities, especially in brand management or broadcasting? It is imporant to find the broadcasting or corporate companies located where you ultimately want to live. If you are open to relocating, then that opens a ton of doors! Once you google a list of "broadcasting companies" in your area(for example), you need to personally call them and speak with the HR department to see what they are hiring for. If nothing, see if you can do a summer internship or a part time internship during work. For Brand management, you should find huge corporations, like Sports Authority Corporate, Target Corporate, etc.

What have I not done, that I should do in order to find the right job without wasting too much time and effort? Same as above, personally reach out to the companies. Also, do your research on the history and purpose of the company. This will show your true passion to work for them.

How do I get prospective employers--and many of them--to notice me? Something students often forget about is that employers love to see actual experience. Yes, you may have taken a class in Brand Management and got an A, but there is a huge difference in book smarts vs. street smarts, and often creative jobs require street smarts. So get that internship or 2 and put them on your resume! This is a great way to make contacts and get fantastic reference letters. Employers don't like a bunch of reference letters from your teacher because that sometimes means class pet, and that is not what a professional enviornment looks for.

I hope this helps!

Brandy Said:

what's a good rate for a finder's fee as a sub-contracter?

We Answered:

You did not state the industry so it is hard to say. I would look at the percentage of income your employer will recieve from your referal and then decide. One hundred dollars may be pennies for thousands of dollars in leads.

Bill Said:

help with finding a job?

We Answered:

I would continue working, while taking night/weekend classes at a local community college. There are many 2 year programs that will set you up for a wonderful career. Of course, after getting your 2 year (associates) degree, you could always transfer to a 4 year college, if you wish to continue your education. Community colleges are usually very inexpensive. You would probably qualify for governmental assistance, as well. Good luck! You can do it!

Leslie Said:

Need advice getting old and cant decide what to do with life.?

We Answered:

My daughter is 30 years old, married with 2 kids and is waiting to see if she has been accepted for a nursing degree, she is currently a senior carer working night shift and if she can do it with 2 kids then you can do it, why do the fitness degree it you don't want to go there if you graduate, could you still be a personal trainer when you are in your 50's? probably not but you could still be a nurse for a lot longer. Your choice?

Roger Said:

I'm a graduating radiologic technologist student and I want to find a job, what should i do now?

We Answered:

That should have already been covered at the school. There should have a job placement dept. that would have informed you of internships etc. while in school. What up?

Anywho water under the bridge...check out the below website.

Good luck!

Jerome Said:

Testing websites online. Is it a safe job?

We Answered:

Yes. Yes it is. They have similar programs in the U.S. and, unless you're worried about viruses from website checks, then it's legit.

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