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Student Job Listings

Reginald Said:

Where should I go for Public Relations job listings?

We Answered:

PRSA for national/regional jobs
Check specific cities and apply direct to the PR firms in the cities you want to live/work in.
Look for specialized recruiters working in placement in the PR industry.

Thelma Said:

Whats a good place for job listings online?

We Answered:

You can cover all the major job sites with this simple solution.

Create a job alert on: it pulls jobs from over 300+ websites including employers, the job boards, industry sites, professional organizations, etc.

The search function is very good if you narrow down your key words/industry buzz words. You can also set geographic area from 10 to 100 miles.

Charlie Said:

why do all the job listings seeking English teachers have the worst spelling-who is running these schools?

We Answered:

I don't think it is the schools who actually word the advertisement. I think it is the papers who hire at the very bottom dollar the people who actually do the wording or typing of the ad. These days, the lowest bidder wins, think of that the next time you fly.

Angel Said:

Where should i go to find a part-time job? (I am a college student)?

We Answered:

I worked at a mall for two years during college and then i changed to serving for the last 2--I BANKED as a server, and I met a TON of friends that I still talk to even after college is over and I dont work there anymore...we all went out after work, etc, was so much fun--and Im sure in Philadelphia there is tons of restaurants/bars...

Jane Said:

good site for job listings in nyc?

We Answered:

village voice

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