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Student Job Montreal

Deborah Said:

Where can I find a Summer job in art and drawing in Montreal, Canada? I am a high school student.?

We Answered:

If you like to draw gaming characters, check out
It is a forum where some extremely skilled concept artists go to to critique each other's works. Companies make threads there and offer jobs.
Even if you can't find a suitable job for you, you can always post your work at the website for professional help. :)

Edgar Said:

What jobs are there in Montreal for student that speaks very minimal french?

We Answered:

You could learn some French. It wouldn't hurt, and only increase your chances of getting a job. Anything that requires you to have any contact with clients will require you to know French. If a company hires you with no French and you deal with the public, you can be 'reported' and the company will be fined.

Other than that, you're looking at 'behind the scenes' jobs where you have no contact with the public at all, so in other words factories, etc....not very exciting stuff.

If you learn at least some basic French stuff, you're opening many more doors. If people see you're trying, they will help you out. (You will find a few jerks who might gripe that your French isn't perfect, but don't let it bother you).

Toni Said:

Student job in Montreal?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Beatrice Said:

Seeking a female job in Montreal.?

We Answered:

why a «female job»... anyway.
there are sites (following) that might help her. dont forget to take some french classes...

Bertha Said:

How hard is it for an Anglophone to find a Job in Montreal?

We Answered:

I am not surprised that you have come to like Montreal. Many that have visited or spent time there do like the city as it is a lovely place to see, live and experience. However, you do want to address the matter of finding work. The reality is more severe than we would think, simply because your job and employability will affect every other part of your life.

Okay, finding a job is not impossible there, but it is harder, yes. Firstly, you need to speak French very fluently, and even thought your English might be exellent and perfect, it does not matter. The companies fully expect that you have French. The irony is that you could have fleuncy in French and have almost NO english and they would still hire you, but without French, you are not likely to be hired. Also, French is needed in even the most primary level roles, like customer service. You need to have the language proficiency to be employable, so learn French and expect that the first year you are there will be rocky, simply bc you will need to pick up the langauge through immersion in it.

Another consideration, is the economy there. The larger companies moved out a while back when the separatists were talking referendum again, and although they did not separate from Canada, many companies ended up moving out...and so now, in an already weakened economy on Canada overall, the job market will be less be cautious...

Overall, if you are determined and positive that you will find what you are looking for there, then you will! But it is good that you are looking into this now, before making the decision and I am sure that things will worj for you!

Bonne chance!

Vivian Said:

I'm a US student who wants to go to college in Canada (montreal, quebec) would I be able to find a job?

We Answered:

yes, you can work off-campus.

but your best bet will be to work on campus. The Universities often hire their international students - you can work for the alumni association, work in the cafeteria, work in a lab, etc. there are a million jobs, none of which require you to speak French.

They also tend to be more understanding of your school schedule and will cut you a break during finals (which will be important, especially if you go to McGill)

Outside the school, it will be harder to find work, but not impossible.

It used to be that int'l students could only work on-campus, but that changed 5 or 6 years ago.

You now can work off-campus, BUT you are limited. You can only work here after you've studied here 6 months full-time, and then you have to apply for an off-campus work permit. You can only work a maximum of 20 hrs a week during the school year (see link below for more information).

Also, don't let the people above scare you - it is possible to get a job off-campus if you only speak English. Many students from other provinces do just fine. I know many people who only speak English who work in Montreal (in retail, bartending/serving, customer service, office work - I even knew someone who worked as a receptionist and spk no french). Don't expect to find your dream job, but you can find some decent work without French - it's just a lot harder.

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