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Student Job Part Time

Rebecca Said:

How can a foringer/overseas BBA student get a part time job in Malaysia?

We Answered:

Well, I suggest online work. It needs little time and small effort. The most valuable online part time work is the network marketing and the best network marketing site I've ever seen is
Try to visit the link. There is a video explaining everything. I hope for you a good income. Good Luck!

Rick Said:

Can full time college student/part time job get more grants/ if she claims herself on taxes or?

We Answered:

Who claims who on what tax form makes no difference on her aid package. So No, it won't get her more money. She is going to have to have her parents income on her fafsa until she is 24 year old or over, married, has kids, or earns a bachelors degree. Parents "claiming" her isn't a factor in determining dependency status for financial aid purposes. Keep claiming her for as long as you meet the IRS standards for providing her support.

Cindy Said:

Can you help me find a student part time job? Any suggestions are welcomed. I am an EU citizen.?

We Answered:

bar work in a pub.

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