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Christopher Said:

The Alternate Universe? What Does This Dream Mean?

We Answered:

hard to follow... It's definitely about identity, though. I think it's actually saying that you're basing "who you are" on the people around you. Conforming to their expectations and ignoring your own interests. They seem to deserve your praise/loyalty, but you don't trust them to lead you the right direction.

You ARE on your own in developing your own self. i think you need to figure out who is pointing you in the right direction for yourself and who is pointing you in the direction they want you to go.

Jessie Said:

which is the best job portal for freshers in engineering?

We Answered:


Victoria Said:

Which SAP module I should do?

We Answered:

Hi Nagendra,

I can understand the boom of SAP over India, but one thing what you have to know is SAP is for those who already might have gained the experiance in purticular domain, that is the reason why recruiters won't encourage freshers. Since you are at final year, i suggest you to concentrate on campus selection instead of getting into SAP, if you are despirate to get into this then make sure atleast you have 2yrs gap after completing the engg. All the best.

Casey Said:

Can somebody tell me what this job description means?

We Answered:

They are seeking a programming analyst/developer with a customer-service focus and experience in using software tools designed to manage student services (such as registration, student IDs, financial reporting, and so on.) The acronyms refer to the software programs that this person will need to know and use in order to perform the analysis work.

Misty Said:

Any way a Japanese student can work for a summer internship in a private equity fund in the States?

We Answered:

Hello out there. I think the key point for you is that you are student. I am willing to bet that you could find the opportunity you are looking for. I would start to contact schools here in the US and the companies that you are interested in interning with directly.

I would start contacting study abroad offices at US schools. Especially contact them if they already have a relationship with your current school. Find out what programs they have that are of interest to you and what you have to do to get accepted.

I would also start contacting the US firms directly. Contact their human resources offices directly and find out what you would need to do.

Good luck!

Eugene Said:

Is there any portal providing Online Jobs ?

We Answered:

Yes You have one !!

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