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Student Job Postings

Arlene Said:

Job - which is easier? accounts payable clerk or accounts receivable clerk?

We Answered:

They are both equally as stressful.

Christy Said:

I am a culinary student just starting out need help?

We Answered:

Fast food possibly - why do you want to work at a job like line cook or prep cook where someone is screaming at you constantly?

I knew someone who got a job at a 4-star joint in my town, and the head chef got so mad at her for making a simple mistake that he slapped the crap out of her - and didn't get charged by the cops for anything!

And why do all chefs and cooks at nice restaurants smoke!

Bessie Said:

Part Time Job Question?

We Answered:

Can't say much whether it works or not but from my experience I have seen so many people regret wasting a lot of money online yet still can't earn any money online. and the one that has made money online from my observation has been online for a long time before ever make good money and most of them are already somebody in the offline world. The had full time job before but couldn't stand to work 9-5 jobs anymore so they tried to find something online.

Basically I can say if you want to earn money online you need to have some of kind of expertise and credibility because I also found that most people buy from people they trust. and even more so now than before. credibility and trustworthy is very critical online. just take a look at you. how long would you take to make the decision to make a purchase? Do you really believe strangers giving you some answer to your questions right away.

Most people don't even realise this. they took time to make a purchase but when they sell something they expect people to buy from them the first time those people came across their website. so please understand the reality of internet first and you will know how to make online. and it would be a little bit easier if you really have the desire. hope that helps a bit.

Andre Said:

help~~~ questions for job hunting in Singapore?

We Answered:

dunno much abt the job market n not sure wat's a landed PR but can see tt u haf v high qualifications... job mkt down here is quite good, shldn't be a prob, unless ppl find u overqualified... if u want a job quickly den go a few employment agencies n sign up with them. it's better to go down personally to submit apps... online apps tend to be ignored...
anyway good luck in ur career path

Kenneth Said:

How do you find and get a high paying job?

We Answered:

(Excuse my poor grammar)

What I heard is 80% of the "best" Jobs are unheard of. The "best" jobs are the ones people get through promotions or networking. You have to work you way up or start networking. Make a 100 business cards and go to public company events and start networking every single day. One day someone is going to call you up asking you to bring your resume for a opening you would have never saw in the ads. I say the "best" in quotes because there are people who had accounting jobs for 60k a year and quit because they where bored and took a 35K job as a cop or teacher.

Carl Said:

Best Job For College Student?

We Answered:

Check into what your school offers. My freshman year I worked at the front desk in the residence halls, easy money, sit on your butt, and can do homework while working. It worked out nice for me. I am sure your college as the same or even working at the library or your college union. Some departments may even need secretaries. The school should also have a list of your city's college student jobs either in the careers office or even posted online. Daycare jobs are a good idea also.

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