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Nelson Said:

Should I give up on my dreams? Is it time to pack up and get serious? ?

We Answered:

OK, I read it all.
You are not in a bad shape.
1) Prioritize things in life - Find a room which you can share. May be with 2-3 other people so that you have company, lesser rent and couple of hundred dollars more.
2) Going back to NZ, It is a nice place. But don't deprive us of your stories. We all love people who went after their dreams and have made it. I cherish such experiences.
3) I can understand this hand to mouth living. But you need to plan better. First thing on mind should be to pay your loans off and stop the shopping (which yourself are aware of and you do not need an expert like me to say that to you. )
4) Think of alternate source of income. May be writing short stories for some magazine, may be kids stories, may be some thing else.
5) How about starting a blog or something. How about Parry Hotter (something like harry potter). Parry Hotter can be the Harry potter of US of A
6) Meet more people at work and your industry. Build professional relationships.
7) Turn 30, enjoy life. Now 30 must be round the corner and it might be tough to get all things done before that. Give yourself two additional years and try to be on track. (I think you will get over the hurdles sooner than that.)
8) Yes, forget the live-in
9) Look for another job which is in line with your aspirations and ambitions. DONT JUST JUMP JOBS FOR THE SAKE OF IT.
10) Write a story of a girl who traveled from NZ to US to pursue her dreams and how she fought all the odds and made it. Get this published in NZ and make money in US. :) I am serious.

Let us know when you have changed your mind. Also let us know when you are right back on track and also when you are successful.

Be Strong, be focused and show courage. Most of the problems are in our head and the easier way is to convince ourselves.

Chad Said:

can a mcdonalds full time worker get a work permit in newzealand?

We Answered:

It probably wouldn't be possible under your current employment. New Zealand has a skilled workers category which works on a points system. The more points you have, the more likely you'd be accepted.

If you're between 18 and 30, you may qualify for the Working Holiday visa, under which you can stay in NZ and work to fund your travels.

Good luck!

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Travel Pulau Pari said:

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