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Student Job Search

Arnold Said:

what is the important for a MBA student do project or search a job in final semester?

We Answered:

Concentrate on your project first. Which is important for complete the course as well as you can show your project when you are attending the Interview.

The companies need practical persons not theoritical persons. You will gain practical knowledge from project only.

You can search for job through informing your friends, relatives and well wishers. It should not affect your project work.

Ella Said:

Full-time college student in search for a job in Arizona?

We Answered:

I would start job searching now. When your a college student and need a job, all you can do is apply everywhere. Yes, some employers will accomondate college students as employees more than other employers.

I am a college student also, and I spent my entire first semester in college job searching. Job searching is a brutal part of life, there's some employers that just like to act like jerks towards college students. See what places are hiring in your area. Always ask the managers if they are hiring or not. Apply for jobs both online and in-person. The online applications was how I got my first job.

Apply to work for as many places as you can think of; supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, department stores, convenience stores, hotels, bookstores, fast-food restaurants, and anything else you can think of. You said you have experience, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a new job.

Victoria Said:

Accounting student in search of a job?

We Answered:

Check your college placement office for employment opportunities. Also, your local paper for openings. You might also want to place an ad for employment. And, check for accounting work in your area - you can also place an ad. Craigslist is free. Good luck. Jack

Everett Said:

What are the places to "Job Search" Online? (especially for part time work for a college student?)?

We Answered:

You might also try looking up the websites of the local newspapers.

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Part-time job seeker said:

JOBANCY ( specializes in part-time jobs only. Most of their jobs right now are in California, but it's a great resource for students, or just anyone looking for supplemental income.

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assignment writers australia scam at said:

It is possible to try for a job when doing your project. But, be very careful to make time for both. Otherwise, you might fail in your exams or in your job.