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Student Job Site

Jenny Said:

Hi all! Anybody know of a site where I can go to find summer job for a secondary school student .?

We Answered:


Maureen Said:

i have Microsoft office home and student how can i copy and paste to a job site?

We Answered:

Open the document (resume I assume)

Hold down CTRL and click a (select all)
Then CTRL c (copy)
Go to job site and hold down CTRL and click v (paste)

Office uses a "clipboard" to hold things you copy the 3 main controls to use are CTRL C (copy) CTRL V (paste) and CTRL X (cut-removes from original document)

Alvin Said:

Can anyone give me some tips on getting a job in Copenhagen, Denmark?

We Answered:

Try looking at these websites for jobs:

You can look all over Denmark. Its really hard to get a job when you do not speak Danish, but it's a little bit easier in places like Copenhagen, where there are more english speaking businesses. If you can't find anything online, then by all means get out there and go door to door at businesses and just ask people if they have any work they need done. A lot of jobs in denmark never make it to the paper or online because it's filled through friends of co-workers and so on. Make yourself seen and heard and make a lot of friends who can also keep an eye out for you.

Susan Said:

Were can i find a job search site that tells you the pay and requirements?

We Answered:

No idea what "year 10" is, but sites like careerbuilder have salary and requirements for most positions. Also, don't forget about the guidance counselors in your school - they have a lot of info !!

Sarah Said:

Does anyone know a good job search site that is accurate and works?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a good job right now because there are so many people out of work. I agree with the poster above who mentioned that retail store are hiring for the holidays. It may not be ideal and you may be qualified for a better job, but at least it will help get you through it now.

One thing I recommend doing is trying the JobFinder by Motion Technologies. You can look at for more information. It is a job search program that is in a desktop application format. Most importantly, it searches all the best job sites for you (hundreds of them). Not having to do the same searches on different sites will save you time and eliminate a good percentage of the hassle.

Since there is a lot of competition for jobs right now, I recommend doing a number of different approaches. Search for jobs online, visiting temporary agencies, keeping an eye on your local newspaper and so forth. Be one of the first to send out your resume.

Good luck!

Alex Said:

I'm a 4th-year highschool student and I'm trying to find a work-from-home job. What site is best to visit?

We Answered:

I doubt there are any.

Try taking that talent and putting it into writing scholarship essays. That's what I'd do.

Elizabeth Said:

What are the advantages of having a job site within a college website?

We Answered:

There you go. You've answered your own question.

What's the disadvantages? Most people can't write a decent resume without a great deal of help.

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