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Student Job Sydney

Ida Said:

how much an international student able to earn from part time job in Sydney?

We Answered:

You should be able to get in your hand (After tax) around $10-12 per hour over 20 hours a week is around $200-240. Multiply that to a max of 35 hours in semester break - remember you will most likely be in a casual job during semester that may not increase your hours in the break (they would have to decrease someone elses hours - why would they?) so you cannot count on getting the hours. That is why you need to prove you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses - in the event you are unable to get a job.

Gabriel Said:

Is there a job opportunity for an international student in sydney who finished bachelors in business @ ACU?

We Answered:

Pamela Said:

Im a 14 year old boy. Straight a student looking for a job in sydney?

We Answered:

The working age is 15 and 9months but if a straight a student you may apply for any job eg: Big W,
K-mart, online. Any McDonald's, or food outlets would probably give you the job immediately. Give them call. Good luck.

Mae Said:

Is that true that now getting a causal job is very tough in Sydney?

We Answered:

I assume you mean CASUAL. (Causal is a word but it means something different.) No, it's very easy to get casual work in Sydney - I know because my son was working there recently and he had lots of offers. He has virtually no qualifications but he does speak and write very good English, which could make a difference. Just a thought.

Virgil Said:

Why is it difficult for a post-grad student to find a job in Sydney?

We Answered:

My brother graduated last year and got a full-time job in Sydney straight away. Maybe you're not looking hard enough or there is little demand for your area of expertise. Try or something similar.

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