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Student Job Uk

Dwight Said:

Is there any opportunity of job as a programmer in UK for bangladeshi student?

We Answered:

Lots of opportunities. Recruiters are always at the schools looking for new talent.

Shawn Said:

I resigned in Aug08 from job. Plz tell me which job documents should i attach with my uk student visa form?

We Answered:

Certificate that you have not voted for Obama-the curse on USA

Virginia Said:

Can I get a job in the UK if I have a student visa?

We Answered:

Students from outside the European Economic.
Students from nations outside the European Economic Area cannot work more than 20 hours per week during term-time (except in the case of an agreed work placement or internship) and cannot engage in self-employment or provide services as a professional sports-person or entertainer.

Vincent Said:

Job for student in UK?

We Answered:

As a student you will only be allowed to work 10 hours so the job situation is irrelevant.

Roberta Said:

I am applying for a Job in the UK, and am currently a student in the US, What visas/permits do I need?

We Answered:

Try this site for imformation…

Ray Said:

if i do illegal job in uk as a student i do 10 hours job so how the polce caught me if i work in one place?

We Answered:

don't work illegally and you won't get caught

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