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Student Job Vacancies

Carmen Said:

Need A Student Part-Time Job?

We Answered:

Try Newspaper rounds if you despretley need the money, visit agencies that would give you some temping work for christmas, be prepared to do anything. In the meantime dont rely on friends to get you through, doesn't work. Try getting some furtherwork experience to enhance your CV.
I started off as a newspaper girl at 13, then at 16 temped for a call center for three years, left that then worked for a finiance company as a leads advisor however could not commit to the hours so eventually i left that for full time study. Im at uni now and working as a carer, achieved my NVQ level 3. I am going to leave the caring profession now and hopefully enter into dispensing.
I worked hard i come from a very poor background there were days where i couldnt even afford to buy a pair of shoes. But now i have more experience then most and it didnt come easy.
BTW i am still skint everything i earn went into doing courses and building myself up. Yet, now i can go into various fields because employers know i have the skills and intelligence because im adaptable.
Good luck

Kenneth Said:

Saturday job vacancies in Trinidad, West Indies?

We Answered:

Don't know of any places off-hand, but most likely stores in malls and supermarkets are always interested in part-time work. Another option could be a fast-food place as a delivery person.

Timothy Said:

i'm 2010 batch out mca student ,coming day job vacancy good are bad?

We Answered:

just make a higher study like m.phill or phd to get jobs , other wise lot of mca student in Cochin getting training about medical transcription go with that

Alicia Said:

How to get part time job?

We Answered:

Hey, I just had to do this a few months ago and I am also a student and don't have any past experience.

So hit every place you can even stand working at and ask if they are "accepting" applications. If they say yes, ask for one and fill it out neatly and turn in. I also wrote a short cover letter saying how amazing I was for that position and how they would benefit hiring me. Its not needed but it makes them really think twice about not hiring you.

Hope I helped some and the best of luck with that!


Morris Said:

I m multimedia student (as a web designer)pleas tell me job vacancy in this field at Gandhinagar-infocity.?

We Answered:

Gandhinagar? Please specify the state, location...are you asking about Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad? No-problem! Try looking through job sites like naukri, jobsahead, etc., create your profile which asks for openings only in that area. This is one of the way.

Second way is through web search, find out about all multimedia studios - addressess, contact details, etc. in your location. Call them, mail them..this is the way I hunted as even I am a Graphic/Web Designer in Mumbai.

Like this, there are many ways...where there is a will..there is a way..!

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