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Student Jobs Belfast

Jamie Said:

Summer Jobs In Belfast?

We Answered:

Brittany Said:

How to find work and get temporary housing in Belfast, Ireland for 6 months?

We Answered:

sarch_uk gave a fantastic answer, so following on from that, if you are coming here as a student, I find that the Jobcentre website gives much better results for student type jobs, than conventional recruitment websites would.

Here is their website. Use the 'Avanced Search' option (top right) to specify area:…

There are some good places to look for room/house share, and low cost apartments. I recommend Property News, and Gumtree (a bit like Craigslist!) - you can also find a few jobs on Gumtree too:

To help you settle in while you are here, you could get involved with Belfast Meetup - it is a network for young adults, arranging various night out to the cinema, theatre, pubs, clubs and restaurants, and would be a fantastic way to get to know people outside your work and education:…

Hope you enjoy!

Manuel Said:

I'm originaly from Scotland, now living in Belfast, I'm thinking of moving to Dublin or Cork to study at uni..

We Answered:

Hi Craig, as you would be considered a foreign student but one from another EU country you would be eligible for student aid - only if you meet the requirements as all these grants are means tested, my son went to Uni here (Rep of Ireland) but was not eligible for a grant as my earnings were above the max.

Please contact the below address and they will fill you in on all the details.

Department of Education and Science

Student Support Unit
Tuallamore, Co. Offaly

Tel: +353(56) 21363

Deals with: Grants

Category of students: Students from other EU countries

Cassandra Said:

What benefits am I entitled to?

We Answered:

If you're studying 16 hours a week or less you can sign on for jobseeker's allowance but you have to be available for and actively seeking work. You should also be entitled to housing benefit. the link given by the answer above is probs a good place to look, give them a call.

Wilma Said:

is my insurance company ripping me off?

We Answered:

Like Dav said because you are an apprentice, you are still in training which classes you as a student. If you spend 20 or more hours in education, that classes you as a full time student therefore I'm afraid there is not much you can do.

You can try applying for a students union card if you don't have one. Many insurers will offer a discount if you hold one.
Or increase your excess amount, meaning there is less chance your insurance company will need to pay out so your annual price may be reduced.

Good luck.

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