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Student Jobs Birmingham

Monica Said:

Any people looking for a student for a summer job i'm a Travel and Toursim student looking for part time job

We Answered:

I make money doing data entry at home, that way I can work when I want and have fun when I want. This one actually isn't a scam. Just copy & paste this link for more info:
Good Luck!!

Andrew Said:

Live In Birmingham, UK?

We Answered:

i would say selly oak - south of b'ham is the most studenty part of b'ham. lots of bars etc on your door step without having to go into the city. trains and buses straight into city,about 10 mins away. And quite safe too.

Cody Said:

Can i get discount on a birmingham bus pass?

We Answered:

You could pay by direct debit (if you have a bank account) the yearly cost is divided up into twelve payments.

Alexander Said:

Average utility bills/council tax on 1 bed flat in Birmingham?

We Answered:

If she's a full time student you'll get a 25 per cent reduction on your council tax.

Allow about three quarters of your wages for fuel bills at the moment though!!!

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Pulau Harapan said:

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Travel Pulau Seribu said:

doing work in the field related to tourism is in desperate would like excellent skills. working work site is very appropriate i believe that an expert in the field of journeying plus leisure.

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