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Student Jobs Brighton

Warren Said:

Renting on DSS/housing benefit?

We Answered:

It may help if you understand why DSS is a problem - even though there is no such thing anymore.

A landlord wants to know 4 things:

1... Can she afford the rent
2... Will she pay the rent
3... Will she look after the property
4... If she doesn't do 2 or 3 does she have money/assets so I don't lose out.

And your situation.

1... You have no guaranteed income
2... You have no prior landlord he can check with, but a good credit history would help
3... As above, he has no way to verify this
4... I presume the answer is no.

You need to find a way to satisfy a new landlord on all 4 of those. It would certainly help if you could find an employed homeowner to legally guarantee that you would pay your dues.

The agents each represent dozens of different landlords, each with their own opinions about renting to benefits claimants. Therefore, the chances are that every agency has got some tenants on their books who claim housing benefit. It is simply a matter of phoning every agency and checking every property advert to find out who has vacancies where the landlord will accept claimants.

You are unlikely to find a benefits-only letting agents because it wouldn't make financial sense. Statistically, benefits claimants are more expensive to manage and tend to rent at the low end of the market - which in effect means less money & more work for the agents.

Holly Said:

What should happen next in the story?

We Answered:

have her become friends with the other "loner," & maybe give the story a twist , like her friend joins a clique & she fights to win her back & break up the school cliques. spread the love. have an event happen that brings everyone together. use your imagination, this story has a lot of potential.

Emma Said:

cities in the uk. which one?

We Answered:

Well London is the obvious but it's REALLY expensive especially for a student, and it's so overcrowded and polluted and crime ridden now I wouldn't advise it. Maybe you can live in one of the other cities outside London then travel into London, I think it's always better being a visitor to London rather than a resident. Oxford is only a hour from London and is much nicer, a little bit cheaper, and lots of stuents. Cambridge is okay but it's not as nice a landscape in my opinion - a bit flat. Brighton is quite expensive too, as it's less than an hour from London. Manchester is very different to the others, great city, cheaper, but quite damp and grey in terms of weather. Devon isnt a city it's a county - do you mean Exeter maybe - this will have the nicest weather and near enough to Cornwall which is beautiful.

You could try Cardiff which is the capital of Wales (still part of the Uk which consists of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) - it's one of the youngest cities and has the most number of students per area, plus it is near to wonderful coastline and hills and is one of the cheapest places to live. I can fully recommend it, I moved there from London a year ago and I have never regretted it.

Dana Said:

Are Brighton & Sussex good Uni's?

We Answered:

I have heard that brighton uni is a good uni, but it often depends on the course you want to study. the uni has a good reputation and the area is very very nice, has good nightlife also. in regards to students getting jobs after degrees i have no idea, i should think so.
hope this helps.

Lorraine Said:


We Answered:

you are very descriptive, i imagine it perfectly.

keep it up.

Milton Said:

Shall I stay or Shall I leave?

We Answered:

Things will get better, its a recession and it takes time, if times get harder it might be a good idead leaving for Australia for 5 years or so til things calm down, really its your choice.

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