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Student Jobs Calgary

Amber Said:

What is it like living in Calgary?

We Answered:

Ok i lived here all my life and i think its a really nice city, not so much weather wise because it just snowed last night in May, you might not get used to it or you might get used to it. I suggest if you come here make sure you bundle up we calgarians are used to the weather here other then that we have a really nice park called Nose Hill park and thats a really good place to go walking, biking, goergeous view of the cities sky line. And one more thing its called Mount Royal University now. Crime is low in the city not as high in other cities in Canada, i feel safe in the city when i go there. As for residence if you decide to go to a college SAIT has its own residence tower, im not sure about Mount Royal University though. The people here are really nice too.

Matthew Said:

looking for a job in calgary AB?

We Answered:

I would suggest starting at the malls. They always lok for people to unload trucks, and stock shelves and move stuff around etc.

Just a heads up though. Most places aren't hiring. My brother is looking and can't find anything. I also have a few friends who have been looking for months. My suggestion to you is just apply everywhere and give your resume to everyone willing to take it. They may say they aren't hiring, but at least they'll have your name if someone quits or something.

Good Luck!

Marshall Said:

Should I move to Calgary or not?

We Answered:

It can't hurt to check. Try jobs such as workopolis or monster and then evaluate some of the benefits of living here.…

Good luck

Leon Said:

How much $ do servers in Eastern Canada make?

We Answered:

Waitress in Halifax makes approx. $8.60 per hour plus tips. Unfortunately most jobs are only part time. Halifax has a huge student population and the number of students looking for employment in the summer months far out number the jobs available.

I don't want to discourage you but finding a job in Halifax is very difficult as you will be competing with so many resident students. My daughter has been searching for over a year there for that $12.00 per hour plus job and she's got 8 years of experience (she moved there from Edmonton). Halifax is a great place to visit but finding a job there is very difficult and accommodations in Halifax Metro aren't cheap either.

You could probably make more money and find a job much easier if you were looking in the Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper areas for the summer.

Good Luck

Natalie Said:

How do i choose my courses for university?

We Answered:

There are lower division and upper division courses. Often, you can only take the upper division courses if you're in that major.

Don't worry too much about it. Pick a major in a subject you're interested in. If you don't know, then pick "undecided" and figure it out later.

You don't keep switching majors to take a humanities course, a bio course, etc. You just pick those classes. Many colleges will have general education requirements in which you take a broad range of classes. No matter which major you're in, you're still going to have to take some classes unrelated to the subject matter of your major. It's for the same reason med schools want humanities. They want a well rounded student.

When you finish the requirements of a major, then you get your bachelors degree. It might be a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science (most likely for pre-med people).

Say you decide to be a bio major. When you get into college, you're in the Bio department. You can take upper division science courses (usually bio related). However, you still have to take courses under the "Humanities" label. The chem ones as well. You don't change your major, you just take those classes in addition to the ones you need to fulfill the requirements for your bio degree (which should be a bachelor of science when you're done).

You don't have to pick a science major, but most people do b/c it's easier to get into those required science courses if your major is in the sciences (due to the popularity of those courses, they give priority to people in the science department).

I know this is true for US, but my cousins in Canada tell me things aren't much different up there.

Betty Said:

I'm 16 and I need ideas for a part time job.

We Answered:

Do you really, absolutely need a job? It sounds like you are a good student and involved in many activities. Your schedule and your priorities (kukos!) are not conducive to employment. Why not start looking in April for a summer job? Then you can turn your attention to excelling as an employee.

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