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Student Jobs Edinburgh

Rachel Said:

I am moving to Scotland from Ireland and would like to know what I need to do open a bank account and pay tax?

We Answered:

If you are an Irish citizen then you are also a citizen of the European Union, which means that not having a National Insurance number prior to going into an interview is not a problem at all. It just means that you will be given a "TN" (temporary number) when you start working, and will likely have to fill out a couple of forms to get your deductions credited to your proper NI number when you receive your card. That said, I would take your passport as proof of citizenship, to confirm that you do indeed have EU status.

Also, you don't need a NI to open a bank account. You will just need proof of your name and address. You will only need the NI if you intend to immediately apply for R85 or R105 status to avoid having interest withheld at source, both of which sound unlikely in your situation.

Good luck. You will enjoy living in Edinburgh and will enjoy being paid in pounds.

Nancy Said:

Any tips on how to make high school easier for myself?

We Answered:

Yes, 19th for the Scottish Borders and 18th for Glasgow...that much I do know!

Try to focus on your education, that matters more than people who annoy you. I know how you feel and it's even worst if you've moved schools! Ignore people who annoy you, find clubs/groups/etc to occupy yourself during lunchtimes and work hard.

Usually, it is not a "quick easy in-and-out job"! Good luck.


Samantha Said:

Duke of Edinburgh help?

We Answered:

You are required to do 3 months of a sport and service.

I would suggest using your piano as your skill.. I personally done first aid

For your service you could use your half a year job marking but ONLY if it was unpaid. The other problem is that you should record your service with some sort of log book.. It should be a regular event that you do. For example I was in the ATC (Air Training Corps) at the time I was doing it which
I attended twice a week. Helping in OAP homes is a common option.

You must pick a sport to do for at least 3 months, I done hockey with my school. Again you must log this in some sort of log book. Record how often you attend, how many minutes/ hours and what you have learnt, if anything. If you swim regularly I would certainly do that but unfortunately i don't think you can use your honours course!

Hope this helps!!! :)

Judith Said:

United Kingdom Universities?

We Answered:

The first answer is only partially right when it comes to the whole Masters thing. Scottish universities award a MA or Msc to undergraduates, rather than a BA or Bsc. However, these have exactly the same worth as a noraml bachelors degree. Confusingly, you can also get a real MA or Msc at Edinburgh...

I'd recommend Edinburgh University, although I'm perhaps a bit biased, given that I attend there myself. There are a lot of visiting American students, the culture is fantastic and the Politics/International relations department is excellent.However, Warwick is by no means a bad university.

You won't have trouble getting a job here, or at home. The economy is in a downturn, but the same applies in the US. Anyone with a masters is fairly likely to get a good job.

Hope this helps!

Kay Said:

How to go about organising working and living in Edinburgh prior to heading over there?

We Answered:

You have to be resident in GB to be eligible to apply for a National Insurance can find all the info at this link...…

Jobcentre plus mentioned at the previous link...…

Google search for Work Agencies in Scotland...quite a few to choose from…

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