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Student Jobs For Summer

Arnold Said:

Student summer jobs abroad?

We Answered:

For the United States, your only chance are companies such as BUNAC and Camp America.

For the Caribbean and South American you need to check what visas are available and the requirements to obtain one-- Google the specific country's embassy--

Brandon Said:

Student summer jobs in Montreal?

We Answered:

Do you live in or close to the West Island? You may have better luck applying with stores/restaurants that are used to having mostly English-speaking customers.

Look up the local classifieds or Craigslist (

Clarence Said:

What summer jobs or student jobs can i take up for architecture?

We Answered:

I'm an architect and I found that when I first left college that they were mainly concerned about my portfolio and my previous work experience. Some places would not take me because I had zero experience at a firm. I would say the best course of action would be to try and get an internship of any kind at an architecture firm. If you know AutoCAD then you might find a job as a draftsman working on construction documents. Even if you just help build models or even just answering the phone at an architectural firm you will be able to start getting some experience on what they do there. If you can not find any jobs at an architectural firm then I would suggest doing something in the construction field because learning how to construct buildings hands on will help you when you are designing in the future. Another field you could try is anything that will pay you to work with photoshop, illustrator or any other software that you will use as a student in Architecture. The more familiar you are with the programs the better your designs will become if you can get over the limits learning the program. Trust me if you don't know how to use the programs you might find your self in a situation where you wanted to make that wall curved or something but you could not do it in the program so you just simply removed it from your design. Never let that happen... the computer is only a tool... don't limit your desings based on what you can or cannot do in the program.

So to sum all of that up.... find a job that allows you to do something creative, problem solving, photography, in the architecture field, construction field or something that will pay you to used the future tools that you will use as an architect.

Good luck in your search...

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