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Student Jobs From Home

Alex Said:

Does anyone know a legit way for a student to work from home?

We Answered:

I have hundreds of friends and associates. None of the guys/girls have ever made any money on these on line ventures. If they would have they would be talking about it and I would be in on it…..SCAM

Brent Said:

Anybody know of any legit Work from home jobs?? I'm a student and need flexibility?

We Answered:

I work from home for a 16 year old health benefits company that is a member of the U.S Chamber of Commerce. All the major pharmacies accept our plans (Target, CVS, Walmart, K-mart, etc). We are able to work from home by using our internet connection and telephone (all of our training is done from home too). I love it because I work FT and I am able to do this part time to supplement my income. However, you can do it full time as well and you create your own schedule.

Hope this helps,

Jennifer Newman

Samantha Said:

Self employed doing odd jobs from home how do I show proof of income?

We Answered:

You show them your income tax returns. If you are committing income tax fraud there is no hope.

Income based housing requires that you work, if you aren't working and can't prove it then you can't live there.

Lloyd Said:

I'm a student and interested to do part time jobs from my home.. Is there any such opportunity?

We Answered:

There are many opportunities out there for part time money from home. Best of all, as a student you are in a great position to reach a big range of people with open minds and the creativeness to make things work.
Take a look at what's out there. But here is some advice. Don't believe the hype. Honestly look at the job and the company. Do they offer something of value. Is this something you could really do? Do you know anyone that would use their product or service. Would you use their product or service. Don't be in a rush. Do your homework about the company. How long have they been in business? What do they really offer? Just don't be in a rush and really think about what you find. There are lots of great opportunities out there, but there are even more that just want your money.
If you wold like to take a look at a solid company go to and please press the more information button and learn all you can before making a decision. It's a great company but you really need to make sure you believe in the company before jumping in.
Best of luck to you!

Brandon Said:

Jobs For Students From Home?

We Answered:

Discuss It!

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