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Student Jobs Glasgow

Harvey Said:

What should i be doing?

We Answered:

Stay in sales find a position with low base and high commish. You can set your own paycheck.

Kay Said:

I have no qualifications at all but I badly need a job that I can work at as I go to school. Help!!!!!!?????

We Answered:

Check out some temp agencies. They'll place you in a job that best suits your needs. I've had no problems whatsoever with temp agencies and recommend them 100%.

Alberto Said:

Glasgow travel routes and good areas to live?

We Answered:

Dennistoun is a good option, its a ten minute walk from city centre there are 2 train sations that take you to Queen Street in about 4 minutes, you can get big west end like flats on an east end budget & it has a good seletion of shops, delis etc and a few celebrity neighbours.

Martin Said:

The best way to find a trainee greenkeeping job?

We Answered:

This is a difficult one. OK
You could contact every Golf Course within easy reach to your home.
Every Bowling Green
Tennis Clubs
Football and Rugby Clubs
Anywhere where this is a lawned area. Even loarge houses.

You would write a letter which would state

Dear Sir/Madam

I am enquiring with regard to a Trainee position in Greenkeeping to enable me to progress with my studies and enclose my CV for your perusal.

You would then go on to mentiopn any experience you may have and something about your skills and qualities.

You final paragraph would say
I can confirm that I am able to attend an interview art a time convenient to you and look forward to heariung from you in due course

Yours faithfully

Paula Said:

Help with scottish housing association?

We Answered:

There are no benefits available to students in full-time education, unless you have dependent children, a disability, or a responsiblity to care for a disabled partner or relative. You can try applying for a council or housing association home, but without additional extenuating circumstances you aren't going to be a housing priority - contact your local council for information about application and allocation. Depending on your parents' incomes, you may be eligible for non-repayable grants and busaries as well as loans, which will help with financial management whilst studying:…

Most young people who want a higher education have to take out student loans - it might seem prohibitive or unfair, but that's just how it is. Most students also have to accept living in shared digs whilst they study rather than have a place of their own with a partner - that's part and parcel of the student experience. Bear in mind that student loans are only repayable as a percentage of your graduate income and only once you are earning above a certain level: in that sense paying them back is more like an additional tax straight out of your pay packet than it is a traditional bank loan.

Tracy Said:

Denied UK Settlement Visa, now what?

We Answered:

In order for a spousal petition to be approved your husband has to show he has the means to support both of you without recourse to public funds. If he/both of you were planning on being students, that isn't possible.
At this point if you did appeal you would loose. Do you have any evidence to show them that they are wrong? That he CAN support the 2 of you without recourse to public funds? If not, I wouldn't waste time with an appeal.
At this point, what needs to happen, is for him to go ahead to the UK/England and secure a place to live (either with his parents, or rent a place..will need evidence of either) and get a job. He will have to earn at least enough to cover all bills and council tax, then have 105 pounds left over each week. This is the minimum they will accept.
They may be leery if you radically change your plans. I would suggest writing a letter, detailing why you have changed your plans and include it in your application.
Here is a link you may find useful.…

Good luck

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