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Student Jobs Gov

Duane Said:

Can I still apply to those jobs?

We Answered:

You need to be enrolled in school. (former US FED/DC)

Daisy Said:

What is the entry level starting salary for a federal gov. job in DC with someone with college degree?

We Answered:

With no experience and a college degree GS-5 is the typical entry point, however since you have experience you may be entitled to a high grade or at least step, depending how long you worked in your position.

If your in a critical field, your agency may have a intern program or may be able to offer a signing bonus. Intern program allows for non-competitive promotitions after you complete certain requirements.

You also get locality payment of 18.59% in the DC area.

The government is moving from the GS schelude to a new pay system which is suppose to give supervisors more flexiablity, in starting pay and salary increases.

Debbie Said:

Duabi Jobs for students???? WHere can I find a website?

We Answered:

go on

click on the overseas!!!

Chester Said:

Does anybody know of any student loans that are pratically guaranteed, other than gov. loans?

We Answered:

You better learn to sell.
Get a commission sales job at a yellow pages company for lots of $.
Did you get a Pell Grant yet?

Eva Said:

what type of gov job i can as a student w/ no experience in IL?

We Answered:

You might be able to work on a city parks crew when you come home from college for the summer and in the fall but if you want to be a full time worker then you could get your CDL drivers license so you could drive a plow truck. If things don't work out in school for you I do know that a city job you are set for life unless you do something stupid that would get you fired or there is a massive lay off do to budget cuts.

Ben Said:

How can I get government job?

We Answered:

Try this website it may help. you can search by job category or state.

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