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Student Jobs Halifax

Pedro Said:

Can the Halifax Bank do this!?!?!?

We Answered:

Yes, they can
They want their money back

Chester Said:

Halifax charging unfair bank charges what do i do?

We Answered:

Sorry to hear about you prediciment.

Don't worry about it too much nearly all the whole country is in the same prediciment as you. You can claim the unfair charges back. Many have done. To date someone claimed £17,000 back in charges over the last 7 years. You can claim you bank charges back with interest over the last 7 years. Go to this site to have a look...

If you need to generate extra money to ensure you don't keep falling into your overdraft use you student skills to write articles and get paid its so simple have a look here to read the experience of others students are the best to benefit from it as were always writing.

I'm a post grad student in multimedia and now I post all of my essays as short articles online to draw in extra income for my student fees and it really pays off.

Dale Said:

Student pre-college summer study/visit programs in Canada, near Halifax?

We Answered:

The local universities and colleges have a variety of exchange programs. Check at the following universities near Halifax.

St. Mary's
Kings College
Mount St. Vincent
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

St FX (antigonish, NS)
Nova Scotia Community College:

Benjamin Said:

Anyone know of good resturants to work at for tips?

We Answered:

Sounds like you already know what you need to do. Be aggressive

Juan Said:

Does anyone know how I can find a job in Boston?

We Answered:

Try craigslist. Here's a link to Boston jobs.

Most of the large hospitals in Boston have good-sized marketing departments. Go to their websites. Most post job openings.

I don't know why the other person said not to use You can search on line and send your resume to the companies easily.

Good luck in your search.

Cody Said:

Which bank or building society in England pays the most interest?

We Answered:

I would recommend checking as a good sight to see what the high street banks are offering someone in your circumstances.

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