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Student Jobs Hull

Terri Said:

University of Hull or Glamorgan, which is suitable for outgoing business student and has better opportunities?

We Answered:

University of Hull

Ellen Said:

What is the position& prospect of University of Hull in terms of Accounting for undergraduate students?

We Answered:

You can try to go to…
here are some search results
Good luck

Vera Said:

I am from the US but want to become a british citizen, how do I do this?

We Answered:

The key requirement to become naturalised as a British citizen is to have lived legally in the UK for 5 years. In practice it takes 6 as you can only get permanent residence (called Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK) after 5 years, and you have to be living in the UK for a year past getting that to be eligible to apply for naturalisation.

Of course you can apply for a student visa for your chosen course, and apply for a working visa as a former student after that (having studied in the UK gives you priority), but you've hit on the key point - you have to be able to afford the college fees and all the living costs as a student visa doesn't permit you to work beyond a part-time job. A UK student visa under Tier 4 of the points-based system (which is the only way they are awarded these days) permits you to work in some circumstances, but there is no way that is going to cover all the costs. Here's the information sheet on UK student visas…

It's not Hulls, it's Hull - the full name of the town being Kingston-upon-Hull.

Lillie Said:

Finding painting scheme of the CV-16 'Lexington' for college plastic ship modeling enthusiast.?

We Answered:…
launching- 1942
{notice belt -- which you can see on this page
is standard issue for other carriers as well}…
{The picture you see on this page is from
the tourist information center where the ship is located}


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