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Student Jobs In Aberdeen

Carla Said:

Astrophysics or engineering degree?

We Answered:

Think about what you want to do after college. Jobs in Astrophysics will tend to be with the government or research institutes. Jobs in mechanical engineering will tend to be with companies.

You can get a reasonable job with a degree in engineering yet for astrophysics you will generally need to go on for a masters.

Brent Said:

can i get a working holiday in new york without being a student?

We Answered:

Stop shouting (using capitals) and formulate your question in a way that it is readable. This is not a chat room..

Amber Said:

MBA from Aberdeen University and knows French. Can French language help me in getting a job ?

We Answered:

Your best bet will be to start with finding companies in the UK that have French connections or in France that have UK connections. Once you have narrowed down those companies go to their websites and look at their job listings. You've got everything you need to get a great job, but remember the market is tight right now so it could take you a while to find the perfect job.

Marie Said:

University of Aberdeen vs University of London?

We Answered:

I believe uni of London is the best choice it has high rankings high academic achievements and friendly outgoing people there, hope all goes well for your future go hard!

Catherine Said:

University: Is my personal statement good?

We Answered:

You need a better attention grabber. The one you have is boring.

A personal statement usually includes the following. You need a good attention grabber. In general you want your essay to follow this order:

Paragraph 1-2 attention grabber. Think of an experience in your life that really showcases who you are. Be detailed. Discuss something signifcant in your life. It could be anything. Or discuss why you want to be in your profession or what story inspired you to study what you are studying.

Paragraph 3-4. Highlight your academics: GPA, AP and honors classes. What skills you learned in class that will help in succeeding in college. Awards and honors that you have received. Sports or clubs that you are in.

Paragraph 5. Jobs that you have had that relate to your major? Any other things about yourself that you want to include

Paragraph 6: Conclusion

Discuss It!

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