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Student Jobs In Bath

Rafael Said:

California daughter wants to move to the UK?

We Answered:

Bath is one of the better universities in the UK. Competition for places is intense. You say her grades are not good. Her application will probably fail.

University education is not free in the UK. Non UK students pay even more. A degree course takes 3 years and costs just to cover essentials such as accommodation, food and books are higher than you expect. Likely at least £10000 per year. that's about $60000 over the 3 years.

As a student she cannot work in the UK so all funding will have to come from Stateside.

Without a place at the university being agreed her Student visa will probably be refused. You can't have a work visa and a student visa at the same time.

Sorry to be negative but I doubt her plans are viable.

Ian M

Dwight Said:

College Student Wants to Rent Apartment...Money Questions!?

We Answered:

Some school grants/loans will state how much they grant for housing. You may want to talk to your financial person at the university to see what options you have. Once that has been established, you and your roommate will need to see how much you have together for housing. It still may not be enough, but it's a starting point.
Most apartments require anywhere from 2 to 3 times the rent you earn in income.
I know its a tough spot to be in, I hope this helps somewhat and I wish you luck.

Sheila Said:

Does anyone know of any chemical engineering companies in Maryland?

We Answered:

Yeah There is a company called durex. They hire ChemEs

Annie Said:

Where can I find a job for a college student?

We Answered:

i am a exporter of indian handicraft i can give you a good commission for selling my product.there is lot of demand in that side for it because of its very low cost and attractive look.If you are interested in it mail me i will let you know all detail of my product.

Janet Said:

I need help with my cv for a student job?

We Answered:

the trick to a cv isn't about cramming as many different experiences as possible, it's about focusing on what the job needs and saying you have those qualities.

you wrote nothing you have done sounds impressive on your cv... so let's start with what you have done here!

you're a top contributor... you got there by helping a lot of people out no doubt.

so look at the job, it's selling things, sounds like beauty products... how does your experience on this site relate to the job? what do the experiences here offer the role for the job.. .in what way will your experiences here help you in dealing with the job beter than any other average person?

well, for one thing, to be a top contributer you have probably communicated clearly to people given them advice that was reliable and well informed. it shows you can engage with an audience, just as would be needed when engaging with customers in order to sell.

perhaps you have been active in the health and beauty section of this site? if so you have probably posted quite a bit there and become a "known" and respected figure when it comes to health and beauty advice? maybe you've built up an online reputation?

these kinda things seem like little things, but argue them well and it shows you have gained transferable skills. employers love a person with skills they can transfer into their job.

sometimes you have to waffle a bit, but not too much. stick to the point on a CV. say for example that you are a top contributor on this site and have developed inter-personal skills that can be transfered into the retail business. things like that can be included in an "other experiences" section.

good luck

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