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Student Jobs In Bournemouth

Hector Said:

i hope perry reads this...? hehe?

We Answered:

LOL! Yeah your question certainly did catch my eye.

I remember did explaining you my decision for backing out from VFS in an earlier post. My country is more academic driven... so they often look at your qualifications and hire you based on that. However, this doesn't apply to most countries abroad especially in our line of work.

The person at VANARTS is right. Portfolio is very important in our line of work. I am constantly building up my portfolio too even though I intend to pursue a degree in my field of visual effects. The main reason why I backed out from VFS was because of cost and the qualification type. The tuition fee for VFS is insanely expensive for International students. It was roughly 4 times more expensive than Bournemouth. Secondly, a diploma is still a diploma. A degree on the other hand, will give you career longevity. Because undergrad/postgrad qualifications have a "wholesome" education which includes management and other diverse modules for some. It enables you a choice for managerial positions in the future and making it easier for you to climb up faster. Of course, you still need to have a good portfolio for credibility :) Btw.. VANARTS seem to have good stuff there. haha!

You can just IM or email me if you need help.

Brad Said:

Where are all the jobs?

We Answered:

Your question was posted in the UK section of YA, so I will presume that is where you reside................not sure if the circumstances of unemployment are the same in the UK as they are in the States, but in the US there is a huge amount of unemployed people, and when there are openings, there are 100's of applicants for the position, as opposed to the "usual" 10 or so, as in the past. That, combined with employers still unsure about the economy and therefore not wanting to hire unless they have to, plus the outsourcing of jobs to other Countries, combines to a very poor outlook for the job seeker. Just keep applying whereever you can :]

Terrence Said:

Should I stay at college? ( Its an essay to read)?

We Answered:

No - I think you should stay in college and collect credits.


Lauren Said:

Studying Journalism in UK. UCLAN, Salford or Bournemouth?

We Answered:

First let me open and honest: I am the Course Leader & Senior Lecturer for Post-Graduate International Journalism at UCLan. So, of course, I am going to recommend UCLan. The University of Central Lancashire is the oldest and largest journalism school in the UK. We approach the field these days from a multi-platform approach - online, print and broadcast. In the International MA we train reporters from a foreign correspondent perspective and with a knowledge base of global media. My name is Robert Beers, if you have any question contact me via the website:

Bill Said:

is this enough to get into a good university?

We Answered:

should be. I got into one of the top 10 universities and i never did much apart from sports and a couple of in school courses. I think you have more on your list than i did at the time. On your personal statement try and big up the things you have done rather than worry about the things you haven't. Talk about how passionsate you are about your chosen subject and why and what experience you have (even if it's just a keen interest in going to art galleries or something) it shows you will be passionate about the course even if you haven't had a chance to get a lot of experience yet. Most eople at 18 haven't done all that much.

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