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Student Jobs In Bradford

Helen Said:

How is the software jobs market in United Kingdom?

We Answered:

To me it would really depend on where you want to live and work after and how ambitious you are. Clearly, the US has A LOT more going on where software is concerned. If you're really ambitious and see yourself as the next Bill Gates, I'd head for the US.

Unfortunately, I've never heard of the two US schools you mention. Did you apply to any mainstream places like Stanford, MIT, Berkeley or Caltech? Those are the top but there are many, many good ones.

The market for software developers is strong in the US now. Look at the list of jobs and salaries for recent grads of all the schools you are considering. $65,000 to start is what I'm seeing for those with just a BS from an average school. Those with an MS and those who went to top schools will make more.

Also, are you guaranteed to be able to stay in the UK after school? You would pretty much be able to stay in the US but only on a temporary visa. With outsourcing of engineering and our bad economy there is some pressure to stop letting foreign engineers in. Factor that into the equation. Good luck!

Lonnie Said:

does anyone know websites where I can apply for a job in bradford, westyorkshire?

We Answered:

Glenda Said:

A degree from Newzealand will get me job easily or from Singapore. I am interested in International Businees?

We Answered:

Climate change is going to cause massive crop failures. I suggest you lower your expectations, pick a place to live and stay there, and build a greenhouse before it is too late.

Joseph Said:

public service job, does leeds/bradford in the u.k. offer work experience?

We Answered:

They would have more idea than anyone on here. Write to them & find out.

Jean Said:

University of Bradford? Job? Cost of Living?

We Answered:

Hi George

cost of living will depend on which country you're coming from. I used to think the UK was expensive when I lived there, but have since lived in Ireland and Southern Spain and now realise that the UK is actually quite cheap. Bradford, being in the north, will be about 20-30% cheaper than living in the London area.

Bradford gets quite a bad rep for its crime levels and high numbers of immigrants settling there, but its a nice enough city and there is plenty to do. You also have the benefit of being very close to Leeds which, outside of London is the greatest city in the UK for me.

m not sure about the job scenario, but as I say, Leeds is close enough for you to be able to get work there. Having just looked at your other question, would Leeds be an option for your studies? The university there is excellent and internationally acclaimed.

Joshua Said:

A degree from Newzealand will get me job easily or from Singapore. I am interested in International Businees?

We Answered:

i would suggest u to do "thorough" research before making final decision but all i can say qualifications from US, Australia, UK and Canada universities r recognized; the degree of recognition varies from university to university; another thing i want to suggest, it's better to take Master degree; for those students who dont intend to take masters (could be due to some other reasons), they opt for postgraduate diploma, but this diploma is lower than master level; so if u want better jobs, opt for better (higher) qualification; i dont know how india recognizes foreign qualifications so u need to do research on that; i dont want to give u false hope; main tumare saath hoon; main hoon na; good luck

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