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Student Jobs In Brisbane

Troy Said:

what the best part time job for overseas student in brisbane?

We Answered:

That would depend on you.

Florence Said:

Are there any students who go to or went to the Actors Conservatory in Brisbane? does it open doors?

We Answered:

take a degree people while want you if you have it

Greg Said:

Which is the best city in Australia to study in for an international student?

We Answered:


I'm living in Melbourne and this is what you're going to find in Melbourne:
1. First of all... some people do not like the weather in Melbourne (you can have 4 seasons in one day). However, if you read the weblink from The Age newspaper, you will find out that the weather is still more preferable than the other cities. Sure you can have 42C day like last month, but almost immediately you'll get a much cooler weather pretty soon afterwards. It is very rarely that you got 2 or 3 consecutive days of hot weathers (unlike Sydney, Brisbane or Perth).
2. Melbourne is a city of diversity. If you are a newcomer, and you do not look 'Anglo-Saxon', you do not feel like an 'alien', since you can find almost every race in the world walking in the city. They are both immigrants and overseas students.
3. THE FOOD!! Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Thai, All-you-can-eat, African, Lebanese, Mexican, Sea Food... anything else? All available and lots of them in a very-very-very affordable price
4. Pretty good public transport system. With one ticket, you can switch from train, tram and bus. They do not always come on-time, but still reliable and improving ( Good for students, since not all can afford car.
5. SHOPPING!!! Original branded clothing sold very cheap. There are even shopping tour, where the participants are taken to retails outlets just for shopping. Big temptations for ladies.
6. Night Life... hmmmm... I'll say the centre of nite activities will be Crown Casino and Docklands. Altho there are still plenty of cafe's and clubs scattered around the suburbs as well.
7. Tourist attraction. This is the area that I think Sydney is better than Melbourne, since it has most of it's attraction within its suburbs. Most Melbourne attraction are pretty much out of Melbourne, such as the gold mines in the cities of Bendigo and Ballarat, The Great Ocean Road, Lakes Entrance, Grampians, skiing in Mt. Buller etc.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your studies :)

Julio Said:

What kind of job can a person work in Brisbane, Australia?

We Answered:

I don't think you'll have too much trouble making that sort of money if you're flexible about what you do. Don't forget that you (but not your spouse) are allowed to work unlimited hours during official semester breaks so the long summer holiday can be a good opportunity to get ahead.

Possible jobs are cab driving, commercial cleaning, retail, food service, part time office work, bookkeeping (for you), delivery driver (if you have a small van), petrol station console attendant and others. All of those should pay at least $15 per hour if you're 21 or over and many retail jobs pay good penalty rates for Sunday and public holiday work which can earn you the equivalent of another few hours work.

Elmer Said:

how to find a job in Brisbane?

We Answered:

Use your resume -
Go to place that you would like to work
Ask the management at these places for a job - hand in your resume
Sell yourself and a job will find you
It has ALWAYS worked for me

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