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Student Jobs In Bristol

Eugene Said:

UK Veterinary School? 5 or 6 years? Vet Students?

We Answered:

Why doesn't she want to do biology? The job is massively involved in biology, and I don't see how you could learn the trade without doing biology in some way.

Edit: Do you mean she doesn't want to do biology for A Levels? Biology is a huge part of Vet Science, and if she doesn't do it now she'll be doing it for six years on the course anyway! Also she'll find it much more difficult without having a basic knowledge of the subject.

Edit: Chemistry is only a very small part of it, usually you don't even need it. Maths is a good subject to have as it helps with dosage calculation. (I though maths was compulsory anyway.)

Heidi Said:

I need opinions about my financial aid appeal letter?

We Answered:

The main thing wrong with this letter is that it is a financial aid appeal letter, that only mentions financial aid briefly at the beginning, you have to bring it up at the end. You have also failed to mention what you are appealing as you never states that you lost anything, or need to appeal it. Fix those two things first, I didn't add them in as I am actually taking a little break from German and don't have time to totally overhaul anything! Never start anything official with "Dear." Alright, here you go:

My name is B and I am applying to study for the ___ semester, 2010.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my appeal for the reinstatement of my federal financial aid. The Fall (seasons are capitalized) semester of 2006 was a very difficult time; I was returning to school after four years and found out that I was pregnant with my now two year old daughter just after the start of courses. I had recently moved to Bristol, Indiana from my hometown of Summerville, SC with my son. I was working full-time, attending college full-time, trying to maintain my home, take care of my son, as well as go regular pre-natal appointments. The commute from my home in Bristol, Indiana to the college in Kalamazoo, Michigan was an hour, and extra thirty minutes to my place of employment in Plainwell, Michigan.

During the Fall 2006 semester I started class at eight AM and would return home from work at midnight on a daily basis. (These people are spending about two minutes reading this, so you have to be short, professional, and to the point) While I worked very hard to meet the requirements of work and school while trying to be a good mother, it became very difficult for me to concentrate and do well in my classes when I had so much going on in my life. I greatly desired to complete my degree, but not if it required sacrificing my son and unborn daughter so, with my children in mind, I decided that I would have to leave school until a later date so that I could devote more time to them. Unfortunately this was after the semester withdrawal date thus I was unable to withdraw from my classes. (whatever the situation was that followed with your aid, write it here)

I have since relocated to Fayetteville, Tennessee and am no longer working a full-time job; therefore I will be able to give my full attention to my studies. I have already arranged for childcare that will not conflict with my school schedule so that I will be able to complete my degree without sacrificing my children or my coursework. I am ready to make a better life for my children and myself, but I do realize that I have neglected my studies in the past (that phrase in the past will cement the problems in the past for the financial aid committee) and that I failed to adequately judge the workload I could take on. But I have learned from my past mistakes (they want to see that you have realized the problem so that it cannot return) and have compiled a list of steps that I intend to take in order to be successful at school:

1. I will have a set time and place where I will spend time studying and doing assignments.
2. I will talk with each of my professors personally to discuss the course goals and my progress toward them.
3. If I should have difficulty in class I will obtain tutoring in order to understand the
material. (that is a good one! They will eat it up)
4. I will manage my time wisely so that I can better balance my family and studies together.
(attending class is a requirement and is therefore a given)

There is no doubt in my mind that I can be successful at Motlow State Community College if given the chance. I will be a hard working and dedicated student. I would like a chance to prove to you that my next semester will not be a disappointment. (basically, ask for a reinstatement of financial aid here) Please take this letter into consideration when reviewing my eligibility for financial aid. Thank you again for taking the time to regard my appeal. (Don’t use a word like consider or a word with that root more than twice in a document of this size).

Perry Said:

Landlord agent problems after moving in?

We Answered:

It is a college apartment. Suck it up or move. If you want a clean home, you'll have to clean it, or pay more.

Jo Said:

What would be the best to approach getting a job on week nights?

We Answered:

if u can afford it ,get an s.i.a. licence for security work. There are tons of jobs in this field,and a great number for nights check the yellow pages and phone some security companies.good luck.

Emma Said:

What's the best way for a Taiwanese national to study Art/Design at a university in the UK?

We Answered:

First he needs a confirmed offer of a place at uni.

Then he needs to have enough money to pay the fees and living costs.

Then he needs to apply for a student visa while he is still in his home country.

He would not be allowed to work here. A student visa is for studying, not for working.

Derrick Said:

Studying under Post Study Work Visa in the UK?

We Answered:

You will have to apply for a Tier 4 visa. If you return to full time study, you are no longer able to seek full time work and therefore change into a new category which is the whole purpose of the PSW visa. You would no longer meet the criteria under which it was granted.

If you do not apply under Tier 4, you will be ineligible to apply for a PSW work visa following your Masters as you will be applying for an extension to the PSW which is not allowed. It can only be granted for two years.

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