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Student Jobs In Dublin

Marie Said:

Looking for a part time job in Dublin during summer?

We Answered:

hey bud, u have tough work ahead! now with all new loads of inmigrants coming to the republic theres loads of people available for those low-profile jobs ur searching for. even if u go around giving out cvs in pubs it will be quite hard to find anything- ireland is not the jobs-heaven anymore...

so, once u know its not gonna be so easy, i can tell u to go and visit a few places, like
and c what u can find there.

other option is saving some money previously nd head for a smaller city than dublin - check limerick, galway, corck as medium sized cities, or athlone, waterford, wexford, sligo, for smaller sized cities (not villages, ah, though i think that would be the best option). bring with u a big bunch of cvs nd leave them everywhere looking nd talking ur best. sure sth will come out!

good luck anyway

Dennis Said:

i am a social care student lookin for a summer job in residential care?

We Answered:

go to your local job centre, do you have your disclosure? ask job centre about banking work, i did this last year when i was covering my svq

Joann Said:

What kind of job does a student get in Dublin,Ireland?

We Answered:

Students usually get jobs in the hospitality trade, Mc Donnell's, Hotels, bar floor work, kitchen porters.
I don't know what planet the previous answerer is on. Dublin Bus just laid off 165 drivers and mothballed 250 double decker buses.
As for taxi driving, forget it. All taxis are owner driver and I doubt if a foreign student could afford one.
Casual workers ( students ) in the hospitality sector, don't even get the minimum wage, so you would be lucky to earn €200 a week.

Marvin Said:

where can i find job in dublin?

We Answered:

Try walking into a pub and asking them if they have any jobs!

Andre Said:

Medical student in Dublin wondering why she coudnt get a summer job.?

We Answered:

Maybe who you are and where you are from is not as important here as where you going and who you are going to become. Instead of applying at stores and shops, maybe you should send those CV's to clinics or hospitals who could use someone with your knowledge and skills. If if you can only work as a patient transporter or registration clerk, you will be in the right place at the right time and gain some valuable experience

Tanya Said:

summer job in dublin for a student?

We Answered:

If I were you, i would look to get a job in a cafe or a bar, or if you got lucky go for one in a restaurant, the work in those places is very good for the money you get, plus those places are full of tourists who always give tips.

If all else fails then I suggest you busk on the streets of Temple Bar

And if that doesnt fall through then get a paper round

Aaaand if that doesn't work out sell lemonade ;)

Good Luck

Valerie Said:

best place to look for student job in Dublin?

We Answered:

the cinema behind bolton street!
a cafe!
the ilac!
marks and spencer mary st or grafton st!

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