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Student Jobs In Exeter

Toni Said:

Can i make it into phillips academy andover and Exeter?

We Answered:

If you don't apply you will never know. You are too late for this year but you can have a look at the application process on-line and find the grades to need to gain a place. good luck.

Paul Said:

getting into ANDOVER/EXETER!!?

We Answered:

yeah, you have bragging rights.

Rita Said:

Chances at Andover/Exeter?

We Answered:

You may have a chance. Apply and you will find out./

Hugh Said:

A few questions about the Marine Corps?

We Answered:

you are 15!!! why are you thinking of joining the marines?? you are a kid for christ sake's!!! enjoy your young years and stop thinking about being at war and shoot that, this. the best thing you can do, is to go to school and purse your career in law at an law the marines, life is miserable, fighting is breaking all over the world and it's getting worse....if u ever join, YES, JOIN AS A OFFICER! so you can be in charge and not go thought the crap that other enlisted marines go SMART and stay in school...take off the military off your mind...i know it looks cool and all on movies and on their TV ads, but once you in, it's a whole different story...marines are the first ones to go to any conflict, and the first ones to die at times (that part is sad....) so enjoy going to school for now, cherish your friends and enjoy your family...cause if u join the marines, you probably won't be able to see them on a daily basis. i joined the army and i regret it now, i left when i was 18, and my dad has missed my entire adulthood, im 30 now and i regret joining the armed forces...right now, i wish i was back home! and if i were to do this all over again, i would do it as an officer too...more money, more opportunities and more respect. Think smart kid and stay in school.

Joan Said:

Masters in Western Esotericism? Insight please!?

We Answered:

My personal opinion is that if you are passionate about it, you should go for it.

The MA may be essentially useless for getting a 'traditional' job, but what you learn from it will be both useful and interesting.

What you make of it is the important thing. You could write books on the subject, get some part time work as a researcher for media, you could run a website, become a public speaker, go into research the opportunities are endless... but you will have to make your own pathway.

*EDIT and when you start the teachers will tell you what work their previous students are doing. You will also be guided by what subjects you are best at and are drawn towards.

Erik Said:

My chances of acceptance- Phillips Andover/Exeter Academy?

We Answered:

I think you have an excellent chance of going into the admissions consideration pool. You certainly have the grades and the extra curricular activities will help. You have to remember that there are several qualified applicants for every open slot, so while you have as good a chance as any, there's never a lock on it.

If I might make a suggestion, do some more volunteer work to add to your extra curricular activities list. Help out at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. That indicates altruism which is a very desirable quality.

Good luck!

Vernon Said:

Going to Boarding School/A Privaye Prepatory School?

We Answered:

OMG a boarding school will drive you crazy and no sex and to strict. Your parents will be happy if you don't live in a trailer and have 8 kids like most of the people around me in Oakland have. I am not racist but it makes me sick. Anyway... you are a good person if you get any education, fall in love, raise nice kids and cook good dinners for your husband. Screw boarding school. Marry a nice man and your parents will love you no matter what. I went to boarding school and used to have guys beat me up and do things to me I don't want to mention that I cant say. So.. I would just do what you want but don't worry about school. Grow a nice family adn go on welfare like these losers around here.

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