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Student Jobs In Hamilton Ontario

Harry Said:

Hi, Can any on suggest the best place to live in Hamilton,Ontario canada? I am moving to hamilton from india?

We Answered:

Well lets see. Being a Native Hamiltonian. I would probably imagine that you are planning on going to McMaster University or Mohawk College. Both of which are located on the west side of the city towards Dundas and Ancaster! West Hamilton has a considerable Student Population,and for the most part...there is ample Student Housing,Apartments,and reasonable Real Estate in this area...depending on your individual short or long-term needs! It is in close proximity to McMaster University and the Medical Center! If your planning on going to Mohawk College,you may want to look on top of the Escarpment! Hamiltonians affectionately call this "The Mountain" even though it is not a mountain by true definition. On the west side of the City's escarpment you'll find ample apartments here also. East Hamilton down near Stoney Creek has a considerable Indian population around the Barton Street and Centennial Parkway area. But you would have to take a Bus a little ways to go to McMaster or Mohawk College. But Mohawk does have a Campus nearby on Barton Street called Saltfleet Campus! I guess it would depend on the Course you are taking,that will determine which Campus you are going to. I don't care to much for Downtown Hamilton...but it's okay if you are going to shop there,and it has quite a few places where one can find Ethnic Cuisine Restaurants including Indian as well! When you are in Hamilton,do take the time to go out towards York Boulevard near Burlington,Ontario. and see the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Rock Gardens and Teahouse. It's well worth seeing at least once! Hamilton is about an hours car drive to Toronto,and you can also catch the GO Train Service out to these places as well. If you love gotta do a Tim Horton's! They are all over Canada and parts of the USA,but Hamilton is where it started and there is a Timmie's on just about every corner! I cannot tell you exactly the names of all the East Indian Restaurants and their Locations...but we do have quite a few of them throughout the City of Hamilton. Wife and I...used to go to the Shenai on Main street near the corner of Dundurn Street. But I'm sure you can find most of them in the Yellow Pages of the Phonebook,or easily by word of mouth from other members of the East Indian Community that are already well established in Hamilton! Alot of Hamiltonians...especially in West Hamilton,have made Duplexes out of their homes-and rent them out to Students fairly regularly. Basement or Upstairs Apartments are not uncommon. Pricing or Rents...I can't really tell you. You'll need to shop around to find a place that suits your Budget and Specific Needs insofar as Location to School's and Work etc. Hamilton has become quite a Cosmopolitain City since I was a child growing up in it,and for me personally...I still prefer the West Hamilton,Dundas and Ancaster areas! The Streets are relatively safe to walk Day and Night,and the People are largely friendly and accomodating to the Student Population at "Mac" McMaster and Mohawk! There are also many Services for both Domestic and Foreign Student's throughout the City of Hamilton that can assist you as well! Although I live in Brantford,Ontario. now, I still hang out in West Hamilton and Dundas order to see my Parent's who still live there! So I'm still quite in touch with whats going on in Hamilton. I don't think you'll find it too difficult to get around...once you learn the way of the land. If you have any further can reach me by E-mail at If you have any specific concerns,I will try to research them for you...and get back to you! Hope this will help!

Jean Said:

[IMPORTANT!] McMaster, UOttawa, UBC, Bowling Green State U, & Ohio State?

We Answered:

I don't know much about Canada schools or job fields but i would say with those marks you are going to have troubloe getting into OhioState

Mae Said:

[IMPORTANT!] McMaster, UOttawa, UBC, Bowling Green State U, & Ohio State?

We Answered:

I think your chances are good at UOttawa and McMaster. Currently for Ontario students Ottawa Commerce requires 70-75%, 80% for coop and McMaster requires 80-82%. But in Ontario an A is 80%. Still you should get in with your straight A's, I'm assuming getting in as an out-of-province applicant isn't that much harder.

You can find all the admission averages for Ontario universities here:…

For UBC it's mid to high 80s:…

Canadian universities admit mostly based on marks. I don't know how much they care about standarized tests for outside applicants but Canadians don't take SATs or ACTs.

I don't know how much in demand business is, but it seems to be a popular major.

Good luck on your application.

Tiffany Said:

What are my chances (University Questions)?

We Answered:

your chances are really good,

but majoring in Business in the U.S. isn't such a good idea because all the businesses here a going bankrupt do to the economy...

but if things look better in Canada, than why not..

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